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Zarco 66 owner touts sustainability

December 24, 2009


Scott Zaremba, president of Zarco 66 Earth Friendly Fuels, Lawrence, shared his alternative fuels expertise and earth-friendly building and development experience during the 2009 Sustainability Colloquium, conducted Nov. 3-5 in Washington, D.C.

Sponsors included the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy. In keeping with the event’s theme, “Greening Our Future — Yes We Can,” Zaremba discussed the importance of using existing resources to develop more environmentally friendly businesses. He also offered ideas for small- to medium-sized businesses to employ sustainable strategies and use innovative materials to help mitigate environmental effects.

Zaremba’s Lawrence-based fueling and convenience store business has eight locations.


notanoobhere 8 years, 5 months ago

To bad the wind mill on top of his 9th street building doesnt actually produce electricity. How about we require every new big box store have wind turbines and solar panels on their massive buildings instead of have priority of our electricity and gas. In the event of a black out Wal-mart gets electricity prior to public residents. That will be the only time I go to wal-mart.

labmonkey 8 years, 5 months ago


I would rather sit in the dark. Screw Wal-Mart. Each Super Wal-Mart requires at least 1 MW of electricity. I bet Wal-Mart alone requires 100 MW of electricity in the Kansas City Metropolitan area.

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