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Spirit of sharing

December 22, 2009


What a great community! The Journal-World published a short item Saturday morning indicating that organizers of Lawrence’s annual Community Christmas Dinner needed 18 more turkeys and 10 more hams to complete their holiday feast. By noon Saturday, the menu needs had been filled and calls were still coming in.

Six hundred families, nearly double the normal number, sought holiday assistance this year at the Ballard Center. By Monday, Ballard CEO Dianne Ensminger said “we’ve got everybody taken care of.” Many families were adopted, and additional donors stepped up with cash gifts to finish off the requests. Ballard workers were delivering gifts as quickly as possible just to clear space, Ensminger said. “You can’t even walk in here. … It’s absolutely amazing to see.”

Yes, the generosity of local residents is truly amazing. The two instances cited here are just a sample of hundreds of acts of kindness being spread throughout the community this holiday. Of course, many needs will remain when the holiday is past, but the way local givers have stepped up in the last week gives us hope that most of those needs also will be met throughout the year.

Thanks to all those who exhibited the true spirit of Christmas by sharing with those less fortunate.


Leslie Swearingen 8 years, 5 months ago

Those who give have been given to. If everyone in Lawrence just gave one dollar and that money went to the working poor and homeless thank what could be done. Thanks to all those who have given so much time and effort into helping others at this time.

Stephen Roberts 8 years, 5 months ago

Irish- you a have a great idea but I just did an estimate of my 2009 taxes and I am going to owe the government money. I am going to owe because President Obama as part of his economic plan chnaged the withholding rates and I didn't pay attention and I was withholding less throughout the year. Thanks Pres. Obama- can you orint some more money and pay my taxes for me?? I would ask some of your cabinet how not to pay taxes but they would respond.

Sharon Aikins 8 years, 5 months ago

A nice story of generosity again and still someone has to whine about something unrelated. I'm glad that the people of Lawrence are willing to step up and help their fellow citizens.

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