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State budget cuts eliminate 6 jobs in Baldwin school district

December 16, 2009


— Six people have lost their jobs in the Baldwin school district.

The cuts, agreed upon during the school board meeting Monday, were made in response to the school district losing $359,994 in state aid.

The school board also decided to form a committee to suggest additional cost-cutting measures, including the possible closing of schools.

“We’ve had to cut a lot of small things to try and add up to the amount of dollars we’ve had reduced in the district,” Superintendent Paul Dorathy said. “I think that we’ve reached the point where we need to look at larger things in this district as possible cuts, because we are whittling away at the base of what are the good programs within this district. I think we need to take a hard look and analyze some bigger items.”

The school board approved all of the $283,000 nonpersonnel cuts Dorathy recommended. The additional $77,000 came from personnel cuts that were approved after executive session.

The positions cut were two custodians, a bus driver, a food service worker, a teacher’s aide and a library aide. The district also will not fill some positions, such as a few assistant coaching and custodial vacancies.

The largest cut from the budget came from the at-risk funds. The district would have received $140,000 in at-risk funding from the state, but that was also cut along with the per-pupil base.

Some of the larger cuts included building supply budgets ($30,000), closing buildings during Christmas and spring breaks ($26,000) and transportation ($8,000).


808Drive 8 years, 6 months ago

Get ready Lawrence! USD497 will be doing the same come January! Some classified staff WILL BE leaving. Next school year buildings WILL BE closed and certified teachers WILL BE out of a job and class sizes WILL go up. In some buildings/classes there are already 30 in a class! Don't let the boards way of reporting class ratio fool you - it's an average!

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