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Turner Gill moves quickly to put new coaching team together

Turner Gill greets daughters Jordan, center, and Margaux, right, after Gill was introduced as KU’s football coach during a news conference on Dec. 14, 2009.

Turner Gill greets daughters Jordan, center, and Margaux, right, after Gill was introduced as KU’s football coach during a news conference on Dec. 14, 2009.

December 14, 2009, 9:09 a.m. Updated December 15, 2009, 2:48 a.m.


Turner Gill didn’t waste much time getting down to business Monday morning.

Barely a minute into the news conference officially announcing his arrival as Kansas University’s new football coach, Gill, who was joined by his wife, Gayle, and daughters Jordan and Margaux, began laying out his plans for building a consistent football juggernaut.

“Our purpose is to bring this program to a point where we’re going to sustain a winning football tradition here year after year,” said Gill, who arrives after a four-year stint as head coach at the University at Buffalo in New York.

Gill’s opening speech covered a wide range of topics — the experience he gained during his time at Buffalo, his ties to Kansas University (Jordan is a sophomore at KU and recently began work in the school’s athletic department) — and ended with an emphatic “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk, KU,” which he admitted his daughter had recently helped him master.

Also Monday, Gill named former San Diego State head coach Chuck Long and current Mississippi State defensive coordinator Carl Torbush as his offensive and defensive coordinator, respectively, while adding Aaron Stamn — a Buffalo assistant — as his tight ends/special teams coach.

Gill, who finished with a record of 20-30 in his four seasons at Buffalo, replaces Mark Mangino, who resigned under pressure earlier this month following an investigation into his treatment of players.

“It’s always got to be at the right place at the right time,” Gill said of his choice to accept the Kansas job. “And this is the right place at the right time for Turner Gill and his family.”


kshusker 5 years ago

I will be buying football season tickets for the first time in 20+ years of living in Lawrence. This will prove to be a terrific hire for KU!

RockyInn 5 years ago

I hope the chancellor starts the press conference and announces that Lew Perkins is leaving.

Ignorant_Yokel 5 years ago

@ RockyInn

Lew Perkins is the best athletics director in the country and the best thing to happen to KU athletics in a generation. Show some gratitude.

Under Perkins, KU has -- Vaulted into the top 15 of all universities in revenue -- won a National Championship in basketball -- won and a BCS bowl in football -- completed major renovations of Allen Fieldhouse -- constructed a world-class football facility at Memorial Stadium

Just recently, Perkins -- forced the resignation of an abusive coach -- hired Turner Gill, a man of the highest integrity

I swear. I can't believe the baseless criticism of Perkins in this whole affair. These haters must be Chiefs fans projecting the Carl Peterson/Herman Edwards saga onto Lew Perkins/Turner Gill.

Frightwig 5 years ago

The combined crew of Perkins, Self, Henrickson and Gill has me really excited about KU athletics! Things are looking good!

I liked Mangino, but I feel better about having Turner Gill here instead. Good job Lew!

cowboy 5 years ago

I'll give Lew a bit of credit for the Orange bowl appearance , other than that he is also responsible for the following:

Selling Allen Field house to the highest bidder Turning his back on the faithful elders who supported Kansas Selling our home games to the Chiefs Having the worst PR guy in Marchiano And feathering his own nest with inlaws in the AD Selling our field to Kivisto

Do you recall any other AD having his own throne table on the Allen Field House floor ? I prefer he be more in the background but it's simply my opinion.

hesshawk 5 years ago

As I listen to his press conference, I am becoming more convinced that he will surround himself with good coaches and good people, teaching football and life skills the right way.

And he is a very positive individual and that will rub off on the players. This could be the start of something special........

Rock Chalk

trollkiller 5 years ago


Great name because you certainly are ignorant. Lew Perkins is absolutely the worst AD we could have. If you think he deserves any of that credit, you absolutely are, ignorant. The coaches and teams brought in the revenue NOT Lew. You might as well give credit to the janitors at KU a to give it to Perkins. He pranced around with that stupid cigar after we won and he did NOTHING! He is one of the most narcissistic people I've ever been around. He has his own anger management issues. He'll yell at anyone without finding out the facts first. He just isn't very bright. You need to wake up and look at the record of what HE has done, not what has happened around him. No One has wasted more money than Lew, just look at the practice field. Need more proof that he just isn't very bright? Now look who he hired to replace Mangino, Dear God, this man needs to be fired. It's all about his comfort zone. He had Gill picked years ago. Have you looked at what he did to Wichita State's football program? Did you know there were celebrations at the Athletic office in UConn when he left? He is one of the most hated employees on this campus. There's a perfect word for people like Lew, but I can't use it here. Three years from now, Lew's replacement will be looking for Gill's replacement. You are truly either naive or ignorant.

4everahawk 5 years ago

Ignorant Yokel is just that...ignorant. LP didn't do any of the things he listed - the coaches and loyal donors accomplished those things and Cowboy....LP most definitely DID the things are your list! It's embarrassing that there are so many idiots on this board that believe they know what goes on 'inside'. They are clueless.

guesswho 5 years ago

Lew is doing his job, and a good one at that. Whether or not you like him, he is paid to be in charge of all the sports. He is not being paid to be liked.

BigPrune 5 years ago

Did Lew Perkins hire Bill Self and bring KU a national championship? Did Lew Perkins hire Mark Mangino and bring KU an Orange Bowl victory?

lama 5 years ago

When will the "faithful elders" quit whining about having to pay the market price for basketball tickets in a top five program? Let's face it: they received subsidized tickets for decades. Sorry some people were forced to relocate seats, but it was going to happen sooner or later.

Perkins has done a great job, and this is a great hire.

Rickyonealku 5 years ago

kshusker...must have been a long 20 years in I wanted Turner Gill or Nolan Cromwell.... Welcome aboard Coach Turner Gill.

kchawk18 5 years ago

Under Perkins, KU has — Vaulted into the top 15 of all universities in revenue — won a National Championship in basketball — won and a BCS bowl in football — completed major renovations of Allen Fieldhouse — constructed a world-class football facility at Memorial Stadium

Just recently, Perkins — forced the resignation of an abusive coach — hired Turner Gill, a man of the highest integrity

Yokel, in your list of the wonderul things Perkins has done, you failed to mention that he turned the other way when Chris Howard, one of his personal picks for AD entered into a diversion agreement for domestic battery and witness intimidation.

I'm no fan of Mangino and welcome Gill. However, it continues to be a mystery to me that Perkins let Mangino "resign" because he was allegedly abusive to his players. So I guess it's ok for one of his boys to be abusive to his wife. Great example to set for the student athletes....

jimmyjms 5 years ago

Cowboy, the crap you're spewing isn't even close to the truth.

"Selling Allen Field house to the highest bidder Turning his back on the faithful elders who supported Kansas Selling our home games to the Chiefs Having the worst PR guy in Marchiano And feathering his own nest with inlaws in the AD Selling our field to Kivisto"

Are you under the impression that the university hired Perkins and then said - "hey, do whatever you'd like to do?"

Perkins is merely doing the job he was hired to do. If you have a problem with that, then your anger is misplaced.

redbull38 5 years ago

Lew removed of a rather large wart that was on the hiney of KU. He did it without breaking the bank. You should be thanking him for that.

roggy 5 years ago

Wow - Turner Gill is a stud! I can't wait to see the great things that can happen under his leadership.

BobtheBuilder 5 years ago

Hopefully he will do a great job here. Seems like a class man. Hawk Football is now Fat Free.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 5 years ago

Cowboy: Most of your complaints are actually very, very good for KU. You don't make sense.

dhetting 5 years ago

I think most of those commenting on this article must be basketball fans. As a Husker I can tell you that there was a collective "oh-oh" in Husker Nation when Turner Gill was announced as the KU coach. Husker fans (who understand football) know that TG is the type of person and coach who can produce a winning football team on a consistent basis. The players will love him and go to war for him. Should be fun to see Pelini and Gill dominate the Big 12 North for years to come (sorry Pinkle and Snyder).

BigPrune 5 years ago

The answer to my questions are: No, and No.

If Gill does good then Perkins will finally prove himself.

ha, ha

4everahawk 5 years ago

jimmyjms: yes the university did say that - remember it was Hemenway and he let LP do whatever he wanted because he was intimidated by him also - just like the majority of the people who know him...

Mel Briscoe 5 years ago

yokel, one question, is it true that perkin's buttocks taste like chicken because you sure have your lips firmly planted there.

RunIt 5 years ago

Hope coach Gill keeps coach Beaty on staff. Good recruiter and heck of a rec. coach.

garyr 5 years ago

Suprised? I hope not, since I have been saying this for weeks.

Armen Kurdian 5 years ago

Does this mean Bowen is fired? He wasn't perfect, but he was pretty good. If he's gone, I hope he gets the DC job somewhere else.

jaywalker 5 years ago

"Great name because you certainly are ignorant. Lew Perkins is absolutely the worst AD we could have. If you think he deserves any of that credit, you absolutely are, ignorant. The coaches and teams brought in the revenue NOT Lew"

Didn't bother reading another word after that start, troll. Perkins is generally regarded as one of the top 5 AD's in the country. You don't think Lew deserves any credit for what's gone on in KU athletics for the last number of years? And you're calling someone else ignorant?! It's gotta be time for your cwackas and a nappie.

randysavage 5 years ago

I can't wait until football season....

Coach is going to be interviewed on ESPN in a few minutes.....

sailor 5 years ago

I'm ready to watch Auburn vs Kansas in a bowl game sometime, in the future, maybe! If Gill can do what Gene did in AU, KU will be in business.

Good luck coach!

Rock Chalk

BigDog 5 years ago

Clint Bowen might be worth keeping to recruit and be a position coach ..... he was lousy as a defensive coordinator. Glad to see Turner Gill is bringing a proven defensive coordinator with him in Carl Torbush.

ToriFreak13 5 years ago

Under Perkins, KU has — Vaulted into the top 15 of all universities in revenue

and all he could afford were $4 bouquets for the Gill ladies?..a smooch on one cheek and a slap on the other. wtg Lew!

They came to this town guns blazing taking every penny they can from men, women, and children. The revenue raised came from the residents of Lawrence, KS. He took advantage of the dedicated fans and the legacy of the basketball program. Allen Fieldhouse was selling out long before Lew. The same fans that would go to football games regardless if there were a jumbotron..that actually replaced some of the best cheap seats in the stadium...oh and blocked off the hill. If we don't need it...why should we pay for it? Sure the few that say they enjoyed it...say so because yes they paid for it. Just like the husband that blows $2000 on a flat it a necessity? But I bet he finds every way to brag about it to make himself feel comfortable with the purchase. It's funny that Lew Perkins receives so much praise....but he is hardly ever out and amoungst the population. I rarely see him speaking out on anything. If he is such a good businessman...where are his conferences....or guest speeches at local business mixers....or even an occasional spotting downtown shopping? For the fairweather fans out there...those that think money can buy a @ you. Get out of town already. Move to Texas or Florida. It takes athletes to win a championship....and hard riding coaches to kick those players butts into winners. The day Lawrence, Kansas can talk 30 of those athletes into moving the time we have a chance at a Big XII title....still a long way from winning a BCS Championship.

lama 5 years ago

Bowen must go. If he's such a great recruiter, then why the dearth of talent and speed on defense two years removed from the Orange Bowl?

yankeevet 5 years ago

Wow; 2 million bucks a year; starting pay; thats kool..........

newmedia 5 years ago

Here's wishing him all the luck in the world but you still have to wonder when a football guru like Tom Osborne basically says he's a great guy but we are going to hire someone else.... How many more years did Lew just buy for Gary Pinkel at Mizzou?

The fans still have the hammer - the power of the purse when ticket time rolls around.....

anon1958 5 years ago

Thank you Lew for the multimillion dollar blight in the middle of campus otherwise known as the world's most underused football practice field.

I especially approve of the 90K you wasted on the magic forest planted around the field that was supposed to protect the ultra-secret KU strategies from James Bond and Maxwell Smart.

Ricky_Vaughn 5 years ago

Turner Gill record after 4 years at Buffalo: 20-30, 1 division title

Mangino's record after his first 4 years at KU: 19-29, no division titles.

With these numbers, one could argue that Gill did more with less at Buffalo, which was THE WORST D-1 program in the country when he took over. It's not the end of the world.

Judgesmails 5 years ago

20-30 is less than impressive, but i'll give him a chance.

As for Lew, i think hes doing a solid job.
He's not paid to make friends and kiss the asses of the "KU elders" who got their seats swiped at allen.
boo hoo

JustNoticed 5 years ago

Oh nonsense, what about the tee-shirt problem? We have lost the best ever: OUR COACH CAN EAT YOUR COACH.

What will we have now? Our Coach is a Class (sic) Act

Graczyk 5 years ago

New shirt. Gill-ette, the best a man can get. I want royalties.

trollkiller 5 years ago


"generally regarded" Even your generalizations are terrible. You don't get it either do you. Lew didn't contribute to the rise in revenue and rankings. He merely watched on the sidelines with the rest of us. You can't show me one thing that he did that wasn't expected. He did nothing above and beyond, let alone praise-worthy. He didn't hire Self or mangino. He's the world's biggest hypocrite; investigating someone else for their temper and suspending a player, but not his own employee for DUI. He's a rube. I don't understand why he gets away with intimidating others. This clown does not deserve to represent KU in this capacity.

Nigel Dunham 5 years ago

Insight from "cowboy" - "Selling Allen Field house to the highest bidder Turning his back on the faithful elders who supported Kansas"

Here's the thing you and every other critic of Perkins needs to understand. The KU athletics budget hovered in the 50's and 60's in terms of national rank before Perkins got here, due in large part to the "elders" taking advantage of the system and thus taking prime AFH seats but not donating. Once Perkins instituted the points policy, it was recursive in that every cent of every previous donation of said "elders" were added up. If these "elders" would have donated (in many cases, none of them donated) in the previous decades, they would still have good seats. Here's the reality, though; there are no bad seats in AFH and all "elders" with any points got seats.

With Perkins, KU athletics is now 11th in the nation in operating budget. 2nd to only Texas in the Big XII. For these efforts Perkins was awarded the title "Best Sports Manager in the World" by Time Magazine in 2008.

"Selling home games to the Chiefs" - Yeah the OU game and the MU games filled Arrowhead more than the Chiefs do and made my school alot of money. Congrats to Lew on that one, again.

Anyway, Turner Gill seems to be a great coach and Lew once again made the best decision possible in hiring him. We have the best AD out there in my opinion.

LloydDobbler 5 years ago

First of all, welcome to Lawrence Coach Gill.

Now, specifically to nddhawk's post...are you telling me you think it's a good thing that KU is spending to the level of 11th in the country? If you're getting national championships in multiple sports, maybe. But what should be of interest is ROI...what is the university getting for its lofty athletic budget. Moreover, the reality is that the Athletic Department has time and again cannibalized potential donors to the academic side of the house...the real reason the university exists in the first place. I love college sports, but we've got our priorities back to front and sideways.

sundancewierdo 5 years ago

i was the first to criticize lew for this hire. i was irritated that he hired the first person he interviewed. however, everyone who knows this guy loves him. there are nothing but good things to say about him all over the internet. I'm willing to give him a chance. if i can buy season tix when we are 2-10 i can surely buy tix for this guy. good luck coach, and ROCK CHALK!!!

freighttrain221 5 years ago

Trollkiller, your posts are so off-base it is laughable. Lew does not have an anger management problem. Unlike you, I actually met the guy on several occassions and always found him to be friendly and with no hint of a temper. Regarding your bogus claim that people at UConn celebrated when he left, I'm guessing that you don't even know anyone in the entire state of Connecticut, let alone within the UConn athletic department. As far as him not doing anything to raise revenue, I suspect that you are then willing to credit "the coaches and teams" with the Allen Fieldhouse seat points system and the multi-million dollar decision to play football at Arrowhead. Those big money-makers weren't Lew's ideas, right? He just stood at the sidelines.

jaywalker 5 years ago

"Even your generalizations are terrible"

Trollkiller, you've burst onto the scene here with unbridled ignorance. Well done. Perkin's status as one of the best in the field is well known. Stop limiting your literary pursuits to Cracked. What's been accomplished at KU, whether we're talkin' ratings, rankings, or revenues, is unprecedented. Previously, Lew turned UConn into a perennial power in men's and women's basketball, and brought the football program into the national spotlight. They had absolutely nothing, little to no history before he got there. How they lookin' now? The success KU has had since Lew was hired, as well as all the improvements to the facilities, is well documented. My apologies if reading ain't your thing.

The man leaves KU tomorrow he's unemployed for a day. Meanwhile, you make sure you don't scald the fries. And I'll take those to go, troll, thank you.

TopJayhawk 5 years ago

Well done Lew. Good quality character hire. I am impressed and thank you for this. Lew and Turner. Ignore the old cheap bitter idiots on here. LIke was said above. They are just bitter that the free ride they had for yrs has ended.
Ignore them, they weren't going to buy tickets or come to games anyway.
They remind me of the old guy I sat behind at Allen Fieldhouse for the infamous double overtime loss to Indiana back in the '70's. The old fart actually shushed me when cheering for KU. He wanted silence.

Rickyonealku 5 years ago

I must say the new hire of Turner Gill is just great great great and again welcome to Lawrence, Kansas coach Gill and family. But your daughter Jordan already loves Rock Chalk KU land...and will help dad out on the chants. Happy Holidays!!!!! this is a great 2009 hire.

Lee Eldridge 5 years ago

Lew has done a great job at KU. Am really surprised at the amount of contempt for Lew from some of the locals.

XEPCT 5 years ago

Lew, the reason these people are so venomous is because they haven't crawled out from under their rocks since HCBS miffed first round games in consecutive years in the NCAAs. No one is calling for his head now. The majority of the Kansas faithful support you. Welcome to Lawrence Coach Gill!

4everahawk 5 years ago

to freighttrain221: your 'meeting' with LP on several occasions and rating him so highly is truly laughable. He is paid well to be 'friendly' and to not display any anger-management issues in public, but behind the scenes...well, If you only knew......

yankeevet 5 years ago

KU Football is great; rock chalk.........congrats to the new coach; and lets move forward!!!!!

onetime97 5 years ago

Anyone notice the other photographer with the lens cap one?

topflight 5 years ago

Clint Bowen, a good d-coordinator? Apparently you missed most of the games this year. He should be the first to go. Local ties don't me crap where there is nothing to recruit local. See ya Clint, don't let the screen door hit your piss poor defense good bye.

Iwanttosaythis 5 years ago

i think gill came to lawrence for some K-2. didnt he say in his speach who knows where to buy K-2.

jaywalker 5 years ago

Not really sure how much blame can be foisted onto Bowen's shoulders for the D. It seemed to me that the deficiency was in the talent and speed level rather than the game plan. Georgia's D coordinator had to go; 4 and 5 star recruits and the D's a sieve, then: the blames' on the coach. Just too much talent not to be successful. Maybe Bowen's (and MIller, they're co-DC's) performance was sub-par. But from what I saw, we just didn't have any solid talent. And with the defense we ran and the offenses we played against, excellent linebacker play is crucial. The guys were too young and inexperienced this year.

Golf4Life 5 years ago

KU hired the wrong coach. They fired the right one. Last time I checked, Mangino was here before Lew, so Lew did not bring us an orange bowl. Mangino did. The firing of Mangino was completely based on the fact that Mangino was there before lew and the fact that we lost our last 7 games. Perhaps Turner Gill will not be successful, then what are you going to do. Fire him? or Fire lew.

68fbrd 5 years ago

KU football 'dynasty' = 6-6 yearly record.

68fbrd 5 years ago

Lew Perkins is not allowed in Wichita.................

68fbrd 5 years ago

Lew looks like him and BF had eating contests the last several years. Maybe Lew can be a spokesman now for Nutri Systems

HuskerGrlinAZ 5 years ago

As a former employee of the Nebraska Athletic Department (95-06), I felt compelled to address those of you who are questioning the hiring of Turner Gill. The fact that some of you doubt his ability is amazing to me & in regards to football, KU fans, you have much to learn. I consider myself lucky being able to say that I've worked with such a quality individual. Christmas definitely came early in Lawrence, KS.

None of the other candidates that were being mentioned would hold a candle to this man. He is one of the few in the profession that believes in total development of his student-athletes. His ability to reach the inner-core of his players, connect with them & lead them to become better people; both on & off the field is not easily found. He brings out the best in everyone he comes in contact with, is a class act and his players will give everything they have for him.

So many of you are focused on his win-loss record @ Buffalo. Please - how many of you even knew Buffalo had a football program before he took that job? Being able to turn that program around is nothing short of remarkable. One of his former players wrote a letter to a current KU player & had nothing but praise for Coach Gill. I don't recall any Cincinnati players doing the same for 'big name' Brian Kelly. Comments from current KU players suggest they are already buying into TG's methods & philosophy - after ONE day. KU fans will soon wonder if it is possible that the team they are watching in Spring Football is the same team who finished 5-7 this year.

One final thought KU Fans...enjoy him while you can...Nebraska may have passed on TG once, but when Jim Tressel retires & Bo Pelini leaves NU for Ohio State, NU won't have to go far to find his replacement.

kujayhawk 5 years ago

I like the Gill hire, but for those of you who think Lew doesn't have an anger problem and that he gets credit for our national title have no idea what you are talking about.

Haiku_Cuckoo 5 years ago

Kujayhawk, my brother worked in the athletic department for three years and during that time came into contact with Lew regularly. I decided to phone him and ask him about the anger problem that you mentioned. He laughed and said that he doesn't recall ever hearing Lew even raise his voice. During his three years there, my brother never saw any such issue.

In fact, the only place I've ever heard such a claim was from the same handful of internet message board trolls; never a reliable news source.

jaywalker 5 years ago

"those of you who think Lew doesn't have an anger problem and that he gets credit for our national title have no idea what you are talking about."

Riiight. 'Cuz you know.

martyks 5 years ago

Wow. Maybe we really have come a long ways. It took me three days to realize something about Turner Gill that would have taken my father's generation about a New York second. I only feel bad that it didn't take me longer to notice this characteristic. I love it. I commend the Jayhawk nation for this not even seeming to be noteworthy. Even here, among a politically diverse group, no one even mentioned it. Awesome! I look forward to KU football. We're going to have years of first class, competent, exciting football. Congrats to LP and everyone who was involved in this inspired hire.

sad_lawrencian 5 years ago

Wishing Mr. Gill nothing but the best during his time here in Lawrence.

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