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Poet’s Showcase: ‘I Am from Memories’

December 13, 2009


'I Am from Memories,' by Suzanne Adams Sharp

I am from soft curls, sponge rollersAnd freckled face.
I am from pink powder puffs with
White itchy lace.
I am from violin, strings, bow
And notes galore.
I am from kittens, butterflies
Ponies and more.

I am from front porch swings, children
Songs and play.

I am from warm friendship, bike rides
I am from Grandpa Pinky hugs
With scent of beer.
I am from Grandma Millie spools,
Whistles and cheer.

I am from Williams' club house
Only girl there.
I am from brother's watchful eyes.
Kindness and care.
I am from artistic sister,
Younger than I.
I am from mothering Michael,
Young brother, mine.

I am from fifth grade poem club
Fridays at one.
I am from cousins on weekends,
Holidays, fun!
I am from Bar Harbour summer,
Candy from Beez.
I am from band stand loud music,
Flags in the breeze.

I am from great beginnings with
Scrapbooks to show.
I am from wavy Kansas' fields
Life moving slow.

I am from pride of origins
Midwest or bust.
I am from East Coast livelihood
Home, love and trust.

— Suzanne Sharp lives in Enfield, Conn.


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