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Poll: Tiahrt gaining ground on Moran

December 8, 2009


It looks like we could have a race on our hands.

After an October SurveyUSA poll showed U.S. Rep. Jerry Moran with a 16-point lead in the Senate primary, U.S. Rep. Todd Tiahrt has narrowed that to a 3-point margin in a new poll conducted last weekend of 466 likely Republican primary voters.

“It represents an important watershed in this campaign because it represents a narrowing of what looked like a pretty big lead for the Moran campaign,” said Joe Aistrup, a Kansas State University political science professor. “It says there is a real campaign here.”

Compared with the October poll, Moran dropped 6 points and Tiahrt gained 7. In the new poll, 29 percent of those responding were undecided, and the spread between the two candidates was within the margin of error of 4.6 percentage points.

Moran, of Hays, represents western and north-central Kansas in the House, and Goddard resident Tiahrt’s district includes the Wichita area and south-central Kansas. They are seeking the GOP’s nomination to replace Sen. Sam Brownback, who is running for governor.

Aistrup said the results suggest that Tiahrt’s campaign efforts have likely boosted his name recognition.

“He’s probably now comparable to where Moran was,” Aistrup said.

In the poll, Tiahrt also closed a gap among likely GOP voters in northeast Kansas. Tiahrt led in that region 30 percent to 29 percent.

Tiahrt also received more support among conservatives who responded to the poll, 40 percent to 33 percent. Moran still had a sizable edge among moderates, 46 percent to 25 percent.

Another pundit said the poll’s most important number was the high number of people responding who said they were undecided.

“It is very early in the race, and so it’s very, very volatile,” said Chapman Rackaway, a Fort Hays State University political science associate professor. “We haven’t seen either of the candidates make their public push.”

Both candidates have campaigned across the state in the last year, including frequently in Republican-rich Johnson County. Moran did have a considerable edge in campaign funds at the most recent reporting deadline in October.

“We think a more accurate indicator of the state of the race is Jerry’s $3.5 million funds on hand, which gives him a $2 million lead over his opponent,” said Aaron Trost, Moran’s campaign manager. “Plus, Jerry has received key endorsements from Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., and Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., which has played a key role in mobilizing our grass-roots network.”

A call to Tiahrt’s campaign staff seeking comment was not returned Monday. The primary election is next August.


Richard Heckler 8 years, 6 months ago

Either way Kansas is on the losing end...

Plans to build a pipeline to siphon oil from newly conquered Iraq to Israel are being discussed between Washington, Tel Aviv and potential future government figures in Baghdad.

The plan envisages the reconstruction of an old pipeline, inactive since the end of the British mandate in Palestine in 1948, when the flow from Iraq's northern oilfields to Palestine was re-directed to Syria.

Now, its resurrection would transform economic power in the region, bringing revenue to the new US-dominated Iraq, cutting out Syria and solving Israel's energy crisis at a stroke.

It would also create an end less and easily accessible source of cheap Iraqi oil for the US guaranteed by reliable allies other than Saudi Arabia - a keystone of US foreign policy for decades and especially since 11 September 2001.

Until 1948, the pipeline ran from the Kurdish-controlled city of Mosul to the Israeli port of Haifa, on its northern Mediterranean coast.

The revival of the pipeline was first discussed openly by the Israeli Minister for National Infrastructures, Joseph Paritzky, according to the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz .

The paper quotes Paritzky as saying that the pipeline would cut Israel's energy bill drastically - probably by more than 25 per cent - since the country is currently largely dependent on expensive imports from Russia.

US intelligence sources confirmed to The Observer that the project has been discussed. One former senior CIA official said: 'It has long been a dream of a powerful section of the people now driving this administration [of President George W. Bush] and the war in Iraq to safeguard Israel's energy supply as well as that of the United States.

'The Haifa pipeline was something that existed, was resurrected as a dream and is now a viable project - albeit with a lot of building to do.'

The editor-in-chief of the Middle East Economic Review , Walid Khadduri, says in the current issue of Jane's Foreign Report that 'there's not a metre of it left, at least in Arab territory'.

To resurrect the pipeline would need the backing of whatever government the US is to put in place in Iraq, and has been discussed - according to Western diplomatic sources - con't

Richard Heckler 8 years, 6 months ago

The republican party are masters at putting millions upon millions upon millions of people out of work. All they do with a remarkable degree of consistency is wreck the economy,initiate huge movements of shipping jobs abroad aka the Reagan-Bush Global Economy and try to wreck social security and medicare.

Is there a definite pattern? Absolutely!

  1. The Reagan/ Bush Home Loan Scandal

  2. The Bush/Cheney Home Loan Scandal

  3. What did Bush and Henry Paulson do with the bail out money?

  4. Why did GW Bush Lie About Social Security?( This would cost taxpayers $4 trillion and wreck the economy)

  5. Still A Bad Idea – Bush Tax Cuts

All of the above displays reckless economic behavior that which drains the cookie jars.

Now the only way to get those revenues back is to take them back. How is the question. Neither Moran nor Tihart will do that......

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