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Pair together a stylish look with socks

December 7, 2009


Every year for Christmas, my brothers and sister and I get socks. Our stockings have always been filled with essentials: new toothbrushes, loads of candy, playing cards and socks. Until last year, that is, when we received no socks. Now, perhaps we did complain in the past, but really? A sockless Christmas?

So keep these styles in mind when you are looking for the perfect pair of socks — a gift or for yourself. Luckily, this fall and winter, socks are in.

Sock styles:

The popular styles of socks this year include thigh-high socks, knee-high socks and over-the-knee socks. (I’m also a big fan of calf-length socks.)

  1. Thigh-high socks:Thigh-high socks tend to lengthen the leg (another elongating option is a knee sock paired with a short skirt — the skin exposed between the two fabrics will give you that legs-for-days look.)

  2. Over-the-knee socks: Keep in mind the shape of your legs when you wear over-the-knee and thigh-high socks. Petite frames are often overwhelmed by such a linear fabric division, caused by the stark interruption of a sock cutting across your calf or thigh.

  3. Knee-high socks: Socks that finish below the knee are often the go-to choice. Not only are they functional, but they also serve as a clothing accessory that can provide a dose of color, either bold or subtle. This addition frequently transforms an entire outfit.

Follow these tips and tricks in order to purchase and style your socks in a distinct, fashion-conscious manner:

• Pick a knitted sock for greater warmth. But again, watch out. Adding too much fabric or bulk can distort the look of your legs.

• Layer socks for extra warmth. Play with longer and shorter socks or pull them on over patterned or plain stockings.

• Try wearing dark thigh-highs under knee boots. A sheer sock is one way to lighten up this look and make it more multiseasonal.

• Sheer socks or leggings are a fun option, too. Play with the unique visual aesthetic created by such a sock, tight, or legging.

• Look for fun, patterned socks that are made from various materials. Cottons and knits tend to be warmer, which often means bulkier, too. Do keep in mind the temperature and overall atmosphere of your occasion when choosing the weight and fabric of your socks.

• The color range of this season’s in-style socks is vast. Whether your atmosphere is a step above, remember the context of your situation to determine the most appropriate shade.

• One of my favorite combinations of socks and footwear has always been the open-toe, high-heel pump paired with socks. Yes, you can wear socks with sandals — just make sure you choose the right sandals.

• For more ideas about styling your own socks, look up Kate Moss and Chloe Sevigny rocking the socks trend.

See Alexander Wang Spring 2010 for knee-high socks as style transformations. Be sure to check out his backless tights and note the unique texture of his socks and stockings.


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