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For crafting fans, glitter makes everything better

December 7, 2009


Glitter adds sparkle to even the most mundane items, especially at holiday time. Consult a few glitter fanatics and the project ideas pour out like, well, so much superfine glitter.

“Glitter can transform any item. It can completely change something old into something new,” says Jessica Okui, 31, a craft blogger from the San Francisco Bay area.

Okui’s next project: glittering her young daughter’s dirty, white tennis shoes. She’ll use fabric glue, then lock in the colorful glitter with an acrylic sealer.

For the holidays, Okui has glittered origami cranes in gold and silver, and posted the images at her blog site, Zakka Life.

Hannah Milman is a self-described “glitter freak,” but that comes as little surprise, since Milman is editorial director of crafts for Martha Stewart Living magazine. The crafting-industry titan came out with a line of glitter a few years ago, and continues to add colors, shapes and sizes (available at Michaels stores).

For Milman, anything can be glittered, and glitter can be most anything. Besides the stuff sold as glitter, she recommends seed beads, sequins and craft-store rhinestones — just use the right glue. Milman recommends an archival-quality, water-based craft glue for most projects (Elmer’s will do) and fabric glue for glittering on a fabric surface.

This following holiday craft, Art Glitter Tree Ornaments, adapted from the Art Institute Glitter blog, is simple enough to do with young children.

Supplies: Clear, glass ornament, heavy card stock (scraps will work), thin ribbon in coordinating color, clear beading thread, artificial snow, glitter (your choice of color, size, shape), paper to make temporary funnel, craft glue or spray adhesive, plate for shaking glitter over, scissors, pencil.

  1. Drop a spoonful or more of fake snow into ornament with a paper funnel.

  2. Cut out a tree or other holiday shape.

  3. Spray with adhesive or cover with craft glue.

  4. Sprinkle with glitter. Shake off excess.

  5. Make a tiny hole at the top of the tree and tie some clear beading thread through the hole.

  6. Roll tree shape around a pencil and insert into ball.

  7. Feed the two ends of the clear thread up through the two holes in the top of the ornament and tie in a knot.

  8. Add ribbon (glittered, if you desire) to the ornament’s hanging hook.


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