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Poet’s Showcase: ‘Day After, Thanks Again’

December 6, 2009


Turning red to black ‘tis the merchants’ dream,
Bargains galore helps bring in the green.

Early to rise will bring you a happy result,
So sleep in your clothes, you don’t want to default.

Off to the 4 a.m. opening first.
to be late now would be the worst.

Found just the thing you have wanted for a week,
Hope the rest of the shopping finds what else you seek.

Now over to the 5 a.m. opening, oh this is great,
Appliance store loaded with needs without any freight.

After hours of hassle and battling the crowds in the store,
Leaving for home with your bargains galore.

Merchants beaming with results now out of the red,
Black now the color, what else need be said.

— Herman W. Hallberg lives in Lawrence.


mdrndgtl 8 years, 6 months ago

Wow, that was bad. Let's try that once again without the rhyming. And "- Herman Hallberg..." at the end isn't necessay...

mdrndgtl 8 years, 6 months ago

I just cracked open a fortune cookie, it said: "Early to rise will bring you a happy result."

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