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Baucus: Girlfriend merited attorney nod

December 6, 2009


— Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus defended recommending his girlfriend for appointment as Montana’s U.S. attorney, saying Saturday his one-time staff member and the former state prosecutor is “highly qualified” but eventually withdrew her nomination.

Baucus said that he began dating former state office director Melodee Hanes after they were both separated from their spouses. The Montana Democrat said they did not have an affair, but began dating while she worked for him.

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele called Saturday for a Senate Ethics Committee investigation of Baucus’ actions. Steele said the panel should determine “why Senator Baucus put his personal needs above those of the people of Montana.”

Baucus, who is helping lead Democratic efforts to expand health care, recommended Hanes for the federal prosecutor job in February. The senator said he appointed an independent, third-party reviewer and established “an open and fair process” that resulted in her name and two others being sent, unranked, to the White House for consideration.


Stephen Roberts 8 years, 6 months ago

Of course his girlfriend deserved the nomination- It is hard to be "other" woman in some persons life. Ask Tiger Wood's chics, John Ensign, John Edwards, John Ensign, Bill Clinton.

His comments that it was not an affair are just trying to justify everything to the people of Montana. I love him saying that he was seperated from his wife. Really. Were you still married at the time you started dating this person?? Maybe we should consult Pres. Clinton on this?

Senator Baucus, come on just man up and said you had a girlfreing while you were still legally married to your 2nd wife. Does your wife think it was an affair???? I would guess she does. Max is just trying to justify his actions and legitimize his new relationship with potentential wife number three.

Way to go Max. What does your 1st wife think??? What does your son think??

Lets look at it from a different angle. What do you think would happen if Hillary had an affair (man or woman) after having to deal with his affair??

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