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Gifts to keep kids moving

December 5, 2009


Cranium Hullabaloo. Sharpen listening as well as motor skills with the game that comes with pads of different shapes, colors and themes that you scatter around the room. A voice module then calls out instructions (spin to a musical instrument, for example) and tells you to freeze when the round is over. Age 4 and older. $31.50 at Toys “R” Us.

Fisher-Price roller skates. Perfect for beginners because the wheels have a lock that allows only forward motion. Over time and with experience, you can adjust the skate to a free-rolling wheel. Age 2 and older. $25 at Toys “R” Us.

BeamO. Think Frisbee, but on a larger, safe-for-inside scale. This foam hoop is 30 inches in diameter and can be tossed around indoors or out. Age 6 and older. $14-$25. Visit to find a retailer.

Balance Board. Kids age 6 and older can test their skills on this toy that promotes development of balance by increasing trunk strength and improving posture. $60 at

RipStik Caster Board. Looks like a skateboard — rides like a surfboard. The two-wheeled board is great for balance and coordination. Age 8 and older. From $49. Visit to find a retailer.

Elefun. A motorized elephant spews butterflies from its trunk while you run around armed with a net to capture them. Promotes social activity, laughter and early cleanup skills. Age 3 and older. $13.90 at Target.


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