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100 years ago: No injuries in two automobile accidents

August 30, 2009


From the Lawrence Daily World for Aug. 30, 1909: “Sunday was a day of auto accidents around Lawrence. Two wrecks were reported but neither resulted in injuries, although it was by a miracle that there was not someone seriously hurt in either case. The first wreck occurred near Eudora when two machines containing Topeka people came together, one a Buick, the other a Stratford. Both were going at a high rate of speed. In the other case, a bolt came loose on the W.J.Francisco car near Clinton and became lodged in a wheel. There was a quick turn and upset.”


igby 8 years, 9 months ago

See, even back then people from Topeka, were terrorizing Lawrence.

Machines coming together. LMAO!

igby 8 years, 9 months ago

Speaking of wreaks, it was 11 years ago tonight when Lady Diana, was killed in the French tunnel.

August 30th 1998!

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