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Brady’s departure planned, coach says

August 29, 2009


— If there’s anything wrong with Tom Brady’s throwing shoulder, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick isn’t saying.

Belichick said Saturday that Brady came out of Friday night’s game after a crushing hit from Redskins defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth because it was time for the coaching staff to take a look at the backups. He lumped any problem with Brady’s right shoulder into the category of normal “bumps and bruises” from a physical game.

“I’m saying that we made the decision to play other quarterbacks in the Washington game because we wanted them to play,” Belichick said in a conference call with reporters.

“Tom had a desire to play, but we made a football decision to play other players because we needed to see them at that position and make an evaluation there. That’s what I’m saying.”

Brady completed 12 of 19 passes for 150 yards and two touchdowns, hitting Randy Moss six times for 90 yards and both TDs as the Patriots beat the Redskins, 27-24, on Stephen Gostkowski’s last-minute field goal.

On Brady’s last play, he was smashed to the turf by Haynesworth after throwing an incomplete third-down pass just before the first two-minute warning.

Brady was seen on the bench flexing and rotating his right arm, but when the other starters took the field for the first series of the third quarter, the two-time Super Bowl MVP was not among them. He then left the sideline and returned to the locker room.

The team announced that he had a sore right shoulder.

Brady did not speak to reporters after the game.

Belichick said Saturday that he didn’t have anything to add.

Asked whether Brady had an X-ray, Belichick said, “I’m not really comfortable getting into a public diagnosis.”

“We played a physical game against a really physical team,” he said. “I’m sure after the game there were a lot of guys who had bumps and bruises.”


demonfury 4 years, 7 months ago

It's a good thing New England doesn't play the reigning Superbowl champs this season. If you think Haynensworth is gonna hurt you, you are kidding yourself. The Steelers would cripple you. Especially if you've watched Brady so far this pre-season. He's slower off the snap, slower in the drop back, slower in the pocket on his release, and way too cautious in his decision to either pass or run. He should always pass, but because of his slow down, his decision making time has delined, and now he's having to decide faster. He's not use to that. Granted, he's a great quarterback, but an equally great defense will cause major, major trouble for this guy who once ate defenses for lunch. It's starting to look like Brady has passed his prime, and this injury season off may have been the turning point. We'll see what he's really made of in the first 3-4 games of the regular season. Especially game 4 when Baltimore comes to Foxborough. That's as close as New England will get to playing the best defense in the league. Baltimore is usually right behind Pittsburgh in the final standings defensively. Ought to be fun to watch either way !!!!


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