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25 years ago: County commissioners in conflict

August 25, 2009


Problems in Douglas County’s public works department prompted an executive session and discord between two county commissioners. Bob Neis, Nancy Hiebert and Beverly Bradley had been uncertain conflict over how to deal with the matter that led to the firing of Mike Dooley and the hiring of Frank Hempen from Kansas City. The commissioners said the problems could be ironed out soon.

Local youngsters began their first day of school and several parents complained that the school year was being started far too early.

John G. Montgomery, a member of the Kansas Board of Regents, told a legislative committee the state’s medical, law and veterinary schools were well-stocked but that admissions should be reduced slightly at each school. “To keep our standards high, we feel it is necessary to reduce admissions at the schools slightly,” Montgomery said. He called form strong oversight and flexibility in dealing with the matter.

The unexpectedly high Kansas University enrollment rush was taxing many venues, including bookstores, and KU officials tried to find ways to facilitate enrollment, fine enough class spaces and teachers and allow for proper housing. The campus enrollment seemed likely to soar well past a record 25,000 for the fall semester.


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