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Alcohol may have been factor in single-car accident on K-10

Alcohol has been confirmed as a contributing factor in a one-vehicle accident on K-10 early Tuesday. The scene took emergency crews nearly an hour to clear and stopped traffic until about 3:45 Tuesday morning.

August 18, 2009, 4:35 a.m. Updated August 18, 2009, 5:25 p.m.


The Douglas County Sheriff’s Department said alcohol may be to blame for a wrong-way crash on Kansas Highway 10 overnight that seriously injured a 22-year-old Olathe man.

John Angelo was transported via air ambulance to Kansas University Hospital in Kansas City after the single-car accident on K-10 early Tuesday morning west of Eudora.

Douglas County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Sgt. Steve Lewis said Angelo was driving east in the westbound lanes of K-10 when he crashed his 2002 Saturn into a road construction site at the Wakarusa River bridge.

According to Lewis, the accident report indicates alcohol was a contributing factor to the crash.

The accident happened at 2:18 a.m. It took emergency crews nearly an hour to free Angelo from his car, Lewis said.

A sheriff’s deputy in the area conducting a routine car stop witnessed Angelo’s vehicle and a semi-truck take action to avoid a head-on collision, Lewis said.

The driver of the truck was not injured.

The highway was at least partially closed to traffic until about 3:50 a.m.


woodenfleaeater 6 years ago

Do we have a hospital in Lawrence?? I though I heard them talking about a new parking lot for the hospital. If no one goes to LMH, do we need another parking lot?

kansasfire911 6 years ago

LMH is not a equipped to handle traumas. Most traumas from Lawrence either get flown to KU Med or Overland Park Regional.

mom_of_three 6 years ago

broken ribs can puncture lungs, and depending on the age of the boy, it might have been better to go elsewhere for specialized care.

kathyw105 6 years ago

LMH isn't a real hospital that can handle traumas. They made sure of that years ago when they dropped their trauma unit. They are now just a glorified clinic.

Angel Gillaspie 6 years ago

The difference between a trauma center and a community hospital lies in the availability of specialists. In a trauma center, specialists who care for people with critical injuries are available 24/7, as are operating rooms, equipment such as CAT scan machines, surgeons, and personnel trained specifically to handle trauma. In any accident where multiple injuries occur, certified trauma care can be the difference between life and death. If I were critically injured, no matter the cause, I would want to be life flighted to the nearest trauma center, as opposed to sitting around an ER waiting for someone to be called in from another location. In the case of the broken ribs, there may have been complications or the possibility of complex internal injuries that would require surgery. LMH provides EMTs, emergency-trained physicians and surgeons, and social workers, but that's all they have. As kansasfire911 said, LMH is not equipped to handle trauma.

appleaday 6 years ago

And LMH is very good at what it does. If they added a trauma center and all of the support staff and equipment that requires, they would dilute other services. At this point Lawrence doesn't have the volume of trauma cases to justify that expense. Be grateful the hospital isn't trying to do everything. Some hospitals have done that in the past and the result is a lot of wasteful spending, unused equipment, and costly care.

Sharon Aikins 6 years ago

I agree with appleaday. For what it does, we have a very good hospital here and they are constantly working to make it nicer and more user friendly for us. There are still limits as to what we can and cannot afford in a community this size with other services so nearby.

As to the parking, there seems to be a shortage of it there. I was there yesterday with my disabled son and there wasn't a parking place within reasonable distance. Not only were all the handicapped spaces full but so were all the others. Even valet parking had to put my car in the circle where it would have been illegal for me to park.

grtnrse 6 years ago

The decision to transport a patient at an accident is made by the paramedics on scene - they only have so much information to work with - no xrays, no lab, etc - the LDCFM paramedics do an awesome job at triage with the info they have. Trauma has a "golden hour" that most are better served at a trauma unit and I would hope that they would error on the side of caution if it were me or my loved ones. And I agree with appleaday - LMH does an amazing job and can handle most patients but pediatrics and trauma are for large specialty hospitals.

RoeDapple 6 years ago

After 11 previous posts that missed the mark...

I do wish this young man a full and speedy recovery.

Jersey_Girl 6 years ago

Was alchol involved? 2:18 is shortly after Lawrence bars close and he was driving east in the west-bound lanes. Sounds like alchol was involved to me.

Jersey_Girl 6 years ago

Also, Lawrence has no neurosurgeons, so if there is head/spinal injuries, he would have to go to Topeka or KC, anyway.

pinecreek 6 years ago

"The difference between a trauma center and a community hospital lies in the availability of specialists. In a trauma center, specialists who care for people with critical injuries are available 24/7, as are operating rooms, equipment such as CAT scan machines, surgeons, and personnel trained specifically to handle trauma."

Absolutely correct--there are only a handful of Level 1 Trauma Centers in KS,mostly in major urban areas (KC, Wichita, etc). And they are very costly to staff and run--which requires a lot of trauma patients to justify their existence. At one point in the 90's, Overland Park gave up their Level 1 status for awhile due to the cost and insufficient volume. Lawrence has no reason to consider having a Trauma Center.

kansasfire911 6 years ago

Pinecreek-There is rumor that OPR is about to get out of the trauma business again.

lawrenceguy40 (Anonymous) says… "It would be interesting to see the expenses for Life Star. The profitability of this service, coupled with the discretionary nature of the decision to use it, makes it ripe for underhand dealings. Anyone taking nice vacations lately?"

Are you suggesting that LDCFM is getting a kickback for flying the patients out and providing the best care possible. If LDCFM does not transport, they don't get paid. There are protocols that determine a trauma which is set forth by the medical director who is physician at the local hospital.

Paul Geisler 6 years ago

Wake up people! We're actually very fortunate to have the multiple trauma centers in Topeka & KC available to us! Think about how many millions of Americans live in rural areas which are hundreds of miles from the nearest trauma center!
From Wikipedia under Trauma Center: The operation of a trauma center is extremely expensive. Some areas are under-served by trauma centers because of this expense (for example, Harborview Medical Center in Seattle is the only Level I trauma center to serve the entirety of Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska). In Florida, Orlando Regional Medical Center, built to serve five counties, serves more than twenty. Here are the certified trauma centers in KS: KANSAS
University of Kansas Hospital Kansas City Level I Overland Park Regional Medical Center O.P. Level II Stormont-Vail HealthCare Topeka Level II Via Christi Regional Medical Center Wichita Level I Via Christi Regional Medical Center Wichita Level II Ped. Wesley Medical Center Wichita Level I
Wesley Medical Center Wichita Level II Pediatric

Now compare that to Missouri's 2 certified trauma centers! MISSOURI
University of Missouri Hospital and Clinics Columbia Level I Barnes Jewish Hospital St. Louis Level I

Next time do some research first, and quit whining about LMH, which is a wonderful community hospital.

akt2 6 years ago

Our medics with LDCFM (Lawrence Dg Co Fire and Medical) are some of the most cabable and finest people you could ever have at your side. They know exactly what they are doing.

KUtownie 6 years ago

I do hope he has a speedy recovery, but what an idiotic thing to do. Thank goodness no one was else was injuried and that no one was killed by his drunk driving.

christie 6 years ago

The only thing I agree with when it comes to Islamic Law is the one dealing with DUI.

On first offense they chop off your head.

On second offense...

kansasmama 6 years ago

I think it is sad that many of you are sitting here judging when this man is fighting for his life. Yes he screwed up and should not have gotten behind that wheel under the influence. Sadly though the reality is that he did and right now all we can do is be grateful that he did not hurt or kill any one else. However I think the mere fact that he is seriously hurt is something that is going to have him thinking for a long time. Another thing I think you should all keep in mind is this. His family and friends are reading this and while you might not personally know him and while he made a choice that had severe consequences his family and friends did not make that choice and its hard enough to sit and wait to see how this turns out without people being hateful and judgemental because I think many of you know someone that would likely make this choice too thinking it won't happen to them.

kansasfire911 6 years ago

Kansasmama, I'm sorry I don't feel sorry for this guy. I guess that makes me an a-hole for not saying " My thoughts are with him blah blah blah...." He made a dumb decision, but I guess dumb decisions is my job security. If his friends and family are reading this than they will realize its time for an intervention.

asbury 6 years ago

Whoa! Do I detect sarcasm ksfire911? Should you be working in a position that requires not only skill, but compassion, when you view the victim as "job security"? Dumb decsion or not, this young man is the victim of serious injuries...I'm sure his family appreciates your input on the need for an intervention, but now they probably wonder what kind of care he received in the field. I hope your professionalism overcame your judgemental attitude.

GardenMomma 6 years ago

Kansasmama, what are the odds that this will truly be a "wake-up call" for this person?

For his sake and the sake of others, I hope he has learned a lesson and realizes what a terrible mistake he made and values his life more after this.

Stuart Evans 6 years ago

roger_gilchrist (Anonymous) says… With the uprise of violence in Lawrence, maybe LMH should be prepared to handle more trauma situations. Gunshots, stabbings, these are all commonplace now in Lawrence.

I'm ok with it taking a little longer to get one of these shot up thugs some trauma care. send them back to KC.

Stuart Evans 6 years ago

asbury (Anonymous) says… Whoa! Do I detect sarcasm ksfire911? Should you be working in a position that requires not only skill, but compassion, when you view the victim as “job security”?

you must not know very many EMT's or firemen. you should hear the things they talk about after the emergency. I imagine it has a lot to do with adding humor to a very demanding job. as long as they do the right things when they find me, they can talk all the smack they want.

kansasfire911 6 years ago

AreUNormal- Thats what keeps us sane, after seeing and dealing with this stuff day in and day out.

Asbury-I do provide the utmost care to my patients, I love my job and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Its hard sometimes to show any sympathy after the incident involving alchohol. If the public actually heard some of the conversations we have, they would not understand.

Stuart Evans 6 years ago

my brother was going on and on one day about Positive O & Positive Q. he finally told me that a Positive O is when you die with your mouth open. a positive Q is when you die with your tongue hanging out

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