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Bedbugs back-to-school threat to college students

August 18, 2009


Settling in at college? Whether you’re a parent or student, you’re probably thinking about laptops, clothes and school supplies. Add bed bug protection to your list.

College students and their environs are at particular risk. Among the reasons, large numbers of students from all over the country and world, many living on tight budgets and close quarters, which contribute to unclean areas and a penchant to repurposing used clothes and furniture. Also, high-traffic public areas, such as schools, dormitories, gyms and locker rooms, are more prone to bedbug infestations — a biting (and skin irritation) problem that keeps on giving — unless you fight back.

Did you know that bedbugs are known to move from one backpack or piece of clothing to another, riding such articles to the next home invasion.

Here are tips from Terminix on beating bedbugs:

• Use zippered encasements on mattresses and box springs.

• In dorms, hang all clothing. Leave nothing on the floor.

• Never pick up and re-use mattresses, crates or furniture discarded by others.

• Inspect items like used books before bringing home.

• Wash in warm water all used clothing purchases.

• Don’t place backpacks or purses near other peoples’ backpacks and purses.


WHY 8 years, 4 months ago

Several people I know in Topeka have bed bugs. Which makes sense I guess.

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