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25 years ago: Women allowed into Jaycees

August 17, 2009


Americans’ personal income rose a healthy 0.8 percent in July, but their spending continued to moderate, the Commere Department reported. Meanwhile, separate government reports showed new applications for unemployment rose slightly in early August, housing starts declined a sharp 6.6 percent in July and industry operated at its highest level in more than four years.

Local Jaycee members, male and female, had mixed reactions about a vote by U.S. Jaycees admitting women into the previously all-male organization. The vote was due to result in a combination of Lawrence Jaycees and Jaycee women. “I think it’s going to be a real disadvantage for the women Jaycees,” said Diane Kreider, community development vice president for the Jaycee Women.

Judge Ralph King denied a motion to reduce the one-year jail sentence a Kansas University football player was serving on a sexual battery charge. The judge said he would review the case later but in the meantime the player was to serve 30 days in jail.


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