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City commission agenda: Change to Horizon 2020 plan under consideration

August 16, 2009


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  • When: Monday, December 15, 2008, 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Where: Lawrence Memorial Hospital, 325 Maine St., Lawrence
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Bottom line: City commissioners will consider a change to the city and county’s comprehensive plan that will open the door for possible resort and conference center development in parts of rural Douglas County.

Background: The change to Horizon 2020 is requested by a local development group wanting to build a conference center and corporate retreat between Lecompton and Lawrence. The change to the comprehensive plan is one of several approvals that will need to be granted before the project can move forward. County commissioners will be responsible for approving most of the details of the development, but changes to the comprehensive plan must win both city and county approval.

Other business: Consent agenda

• Approve City Commission meeting minutes from July 28.

• Receive minutes from various boards and commissions.

• Approve all claims.

• Approve licenses as recommended by the Department of Administrative Services.

• Bid and purchase items:

a.) Set bid date of Sept. 1 for Project No. PW0915 (City Bid No. B09052), Fairfield East Addition No. 1, Exchange Place and Fairfield Street, Street, Stormwater, and Waterline Improvements.

b.) Set bid date of Sept. 1 for Project No. 09S003 (City Bid No. B09053), Fairfield East Addition No. 1, Exchange Place and Fairfield Street, Sanitary Sewer Improvements.

c.) Award bid for the Kaw Water Treatment Plant Building Envelope and Roof Repairs Year 3 to the low bidder, Diamond Everly Roofing, for $98,285.

d.) Authorize the city manager to increase the purchase order with Airport Development Group, Inc. (ADG) in an amount of $22,445 for subcontractor costs associated with the airport property acquisition project; 95 percent of this expense will be reimbursed by the Federal Aviation Administration.

• Adopt ordinances on first reading:

a.) Ordinance No. 8436, amending Section 4-117 of the City Code to allow sales at retail of alcoholic liquor at the Farmers’ Market as authorized by Kansas law.

b.) Ordinance No. 8450, incorporating by reference the Standard Traffic Ordinance for Kansas Cities.

c.) Ordinance No. 8451, replacing Ordinance No. 8426, for the rezoning (Z-4-6-09) of 135 and 137 Pawnee Avenue from RS5 (Single-Dwelling Residential) to RSO (Single-Dwelling Residential-Office). This ordinance is being readopted with a new ordinance number because the conditions of approval were not included in the ordinance that was previously adopted on first and second reading and a subsequent ordinance approved on first reading on Aug. 11 has been revised to more accurately reflect the Planning Commission recommended conditions of approval.

• Adopt the following ordinance(s) on second and final reading:

a.) Ordinance No. 8449, amending SUP-01-02-07 to increase the overnight participant occupancy at the Lawrence Community Shelter, 944 Ky.

b.) Ordinance No. 8442, for the annexation of approximately 4 acres (A-5-1-09) for Pump Station 25, north of 3800 Greenway Circle.

c.) Ordinance No. 8444, for the rezoning (Z-5-9-09) of about 4 acres for Pump Station 25 from County I-4 (Heavy Industrial) to OS (Open Space).

d.) Ordinance No. 8443, for the Rezoning (Z-5-8-09) of approximately 4 acres Pump Station 25, generally north of 3800 Greenway Circle from OS (Open Space) to OS-FP (Open Space with Floodplain Overlay).

e.) Ordinance No. 8445, for Special Use Permit (SUP-5-6-09), for Pump Station 25, a minor utility serving more than one development, generally north of 3800 Greenway Circle.

f.) Ordinance No. 8440, adopting and appropriating by fund the 2010 city of Lawrence budget.

g.) Ordinance No. 8441, noting the necessity of appropriating/budgeting property tax revenues for 2010 in excess of that which was appropriated/budgeted for 2009.

h.) Ordinance No. 8416, establishing solid waste service rates for 2010.

i.) Ordinance No. 8438, establishing water service and sewage disposal rates for 2010.

j.) Charter Ordinance No.39, regarding the transient guest tax.

• Accept dedication of easements and rights of way for PP-5-2-09, a 1 lot, 3.083 acre Preliminary Plat for Orscheln Addition at 1541 E 23rd St. and 1223 E 23rd St. Submitted by Peridian Group Inc. for Orscheln Farm & Home LLC, property owner of record.

• Approve rezoning Z-5-10-09, to rezone approximately .981 acres at 1223 E. 23rd St. from CS (Commercial Strip) & RS10 (Single-Dwelling Residential) to CS (Commercial Strip) for Orscheln Farm & Home. Submitted by Peridian Group Inc. for Orscheln Farm & Home LLC, property owner of record.

• Approve rezoning Z-5-7-09, to rezone approximately .735 acres at 1547 E. 23rd St. from RS10 (Residential/Commercial) to CS (Commercial Strip).

• Approve Special Use Permit SUP-5-7-09, for addition of a drive-through window for eating and drinking establishment in the CN-2 Zoning District Wakarusa Market Place, 1520 Wakarusa Drive Suite A-B. Submitted by Peridian Group Inc. for Block & Company Inc. Realtors, property owner of record.

• Authorize city staff to begin negotiations on a scope and fee with Hernly Associates, Inc., for the Phase I BNSF Depot report.

• Receive request from Health Care Access for a lease extension for the city-owned building at 1920 Moodie Road; refer to staff for report and draft agreement.

• Authorize staff to complete Tiger Grant application for the completion of 31st Street from Haskell Avenue to County Road 1057.

• Authorize the mayor to sign a release of mortgage for Kevin Pike and Jennifer Walbridge, 3217 Creekwood.

• Authorize the Mayor to sign an agreement with Grant Township pertaining to the provision of fire services.

• Receive city manager’s report.

Regular agenda

• Consider approving a request for a 24-month extension of the approval for SP-12-93-06, a site plan for a new office building at 501 Rockledge Drive.

• Consider approving a request for a 24-month extension of the approval for SP-06-54-06, a site plan for Glenwood Apartments in the southeast corner of the intersection of Wakarusa and Eisenhower drives.

• Consider approving Comprehensive Plan Amendment, CPA-3-2-09, for revisions to Horizon 2020 Chapter 4 – Growth Management and Chapter 6 – Commercial Land Use to expand the possible locations of conference, recreation, or tourism facility uses in the rural area of Douglas County. Initiated by the Planning Commission on April 20, 2009. Requested by Rockwall Farms LC.


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