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Swine flu cases climb among U.S. soldiers

August 13, 2009


— There have been 67 confirmed cases of swine flu among American troops in Iraq with dozens more suspected, Iraqi officials said Wednesday, making U.S. soldiers the single largest group in the country to come down with the virus.

American soldiers account for more than two-thirds of Iraq’s 96 swine flu cases, according to figures released by the Iraqi Health Ministry, as it presented steps being taken to control the spread of the virus that last week claimed its first fatality in Iraq.

In addition to the soldiers, 23 Iraqis and six foreigners have been diagnosed with the virus, said Dr. Amer al-Khuzai, the deputy health minister. A 21-year-old woman, described in poor health, died in the southern holy city of Najaf where she had been visiting revered Shiite shrines.

All American soldiers diagnosed with swine flu have either recovered or are undergoing treatment, he said, adding that there have been no fatalities among U.S. forces.


gr 8 years, 1 month ago

"American soldiers account for more than two-thirds of Iraq’s 96 swine flu cases"

Two thirds.

Now isn't that interesting. Anyone wonder why? Did they bring it with them? Or are they more prone to catching it for some strange reason. While 96 is not that large of a number for statistical comparisons, someone should look at what the differences are between the American soldiers and the others. Some areas to consider could be diet, habits, what type of and how many vaccines each received...

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