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20-year-old Lawrence woman robbed at gunpoint

Police seeking suspects

A woman was unharmed after being robbed by three men at gunpoint. The suspects took items from the woman's purse and fled the scene.

August 8, 2009


A 20-year-old Lawrence woman was robbed at gunpoint Saturday morning.

The woman was not harmed in the incident.

About 4:16 a.m. Saturday, Lawrence police received a call that a woman had been robbed. The call came from the victim's neighbor, who heard the scuffle outside the resident's door.

Lawrence Police Sgt. Susan Hadl said the victim was returning home from work and about to enter her residence at Meadowbrook Apartments, 101 Windsor Place, when she was approached by an Asian male. Moments later the man was joined by two other Asian males, all dressed in dark clothing. The first man threw the woman to the ground and held a gun to her head. He then proceeded to take things from the woman's purse.

The three men then took off running from the area. The victim chased the men while screaming, hoping to attract enough attention to get some help.

The suspects were last seen running east through the Meadowbrook apartment complex.

None of the woman's belongings were recovered.

Sgt. Richard Nickell of the Lawrence Police Dept. said that as of Saturday evening, no arrests had been made in the case.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Crimestoppers, at 843-8477 (TIPS).


Alabamastreet 7 years ago

When did Asian gangs move into Topeka? Not a good development for T-town.

Practicality 7 years ago

Weekends in Lawrence = Robberies/Assaults/Shootings/Muggings

igby 7 years ago

All the criminals know about Lawrence, Kansas. We're easy pickings for inter city criminals with good skills and experienced in the art of yank. They carry false ID's from out of state and no sooner than their arrested their out the next day and back in Missouri, with no charges filed.

David Albertson 7 years ago

Sounds more and more like KCK everyday. What did the police do? Offer the victim donuts and coffee?

bookemdano 7 years ago

Paging a copy editor:

"He then proceeding to take things from the woman's purse."

Leslie Swearingen 7 years ago

You all need a good sound spanking and time out. You can't write anything remotely sensible.

redneck 7 years ago

Yea, it had to be the Topeka ninjas. Who else? LOL Maybe it was the Lawrence Culture Club. You guys are just too funny. Igby, I'm not sure why we are easy pickins. Why spend the gas to come to Lawrence, when they can just rob somebody in their own town? Maybe it's because they know the majority of lawrence is not packin heat. Maybe we should issue every adult a 9mm, and make them go through a CC course. That would scare the crap out of those criminals. :-)

redneck 7 years ago

Oh yea, I feel bad for the woman having to go through that experience. She is very lucky that all they wantend was her posessions.

Rastaman 7 years ago

Seems like theres either a shooting or a robbery every weekend in Lawrence these days. I wonder where the gunshots and robbery will be tonight??

All it takes is one robbery attempt on a person with a concealed carry permit, then I bet the robberies stop.

Its probably going to happen one of these days.

RobertMarble 7 years ago

Rastaman says: "All it takes is one robbery attempt on a person with a concealed carry permit, then I bet the robberies stop"

well, that could certainly put a stop to that individual thief. And that would be a very good thing. but there's always another idiot out there to try it next. It would be great if people in lawrence took a more aggressive stance towards violent criminals.

GardenMomma 7 years ago

Mommaeffortx2 (Anonymous) says…

Who says they are from Topeka?

I know I've seen you here a while, so surely you know that every time there's a crime it just HAS to be someone from Topeka (or KCK).

: )

And yes, I am saying this tongue-in-cheek.

Confrontation 7 years ago

I thought that Toretto took care of Johnny Tran.

Dani Davey 7 years ago

Having just finished a biography about Quantrill, it is now clear to me that we have been unfairly blaming Topekans all this time. It isn't the Topekans, it's the Missourians! They are coming over to loot, pillage and rob just like Quantrill before he became a bushwacker!

beatrice 7 years ago

"All it takes is one robbery attempt on a person with a concealed carry permit, then I bet the robberies stop."

Haven't there been many incidents in which a robbery was stopped because a possible victim pulled out a gun? Yet they continue, so the above isn't truthful.

This incident ended without blood shed, but instead with the loss of a few items from her purse. No, I wouldn't want to have my purse stolen, but it isn't worth anyone's life. Had the victim attempted to pull a gun out of her purse, the results could have been very different, and not necessarily with the shooting of the criminals. As it turned out, nobody was killed. Why would anyone want to toss another gun into this mix? This is a good example of a case in which an extra gun wouldn't have been helpful at all. It sounds like they had her at gun point when they took the purse. Had she been carrying, that most likely would mean that they would still steal the contents of her purse and today there would be one more gun on the streets being used by a criminal. Or worse. The police might be looking for killers and not just theives.

In the abstract, perhaps, a c&c might have been useful, but in this very incident it appears to have been a good thing that nobody, not even the stupid theives, were killed. Theives can be reformed, believe it or not, but the dead can't be ... and the dead certainly aren't concerned with replacing the contents of their purses.

Orwell 7 years ago

I thought the rationale for concealed carry was so the baddies could never be sure their target wasn't carrying. When's that supposed to start working?

Or don't I have a right NOT to bear arms any more?

chrysanthemum 7 years ago

How many occurances of violence in lawrence lately will it take to get things straightened up around here?? It's getting bad.

RobertMarble 7 years ago

orwell says: "I thought the rationale for concealed carry was so the baddies could never be sure their target wasn't carrying. When's that supposed to start working? Or don't I have a right NOT to bear arms any more?"

Incorrect, orwell. The rationale behind cc is an individual's right to posess a firearm for self defense. However, there is the side benefit of having armed citizens as a possible defense agains the "baddies" as you say. You ask "when's that supposed to start working?" has in numerous places on many occasions. If you were inclined to do some research on the topic rather than simply spouting uninformed opinions you would find some very interesting examples. "American Rifleman's" website has a section called "The Armed Citizen" which is a database with several thousand examples. Please educate yourself.

RobertMarble 7 years ago

That is incorrect beo. please provide facts to back up your accusation.

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