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Hildebrand declines contract to be Eudora’s next city administrator

The new city administrator Eudora had approved declined the position this week. Eudora will essentially start over with the candidate search process.

August 7, 2009


Scott Hildebrand has declined the contract from the city of Eudora to become its next city administrator. He was scheduled to begin his duties Sept. 1.

Hildebrand, who is the risk manager and a city attorney for the city of Lenexa, said in a letter that he was declining the position because of an ill family member. He said he would be accepting a position in a town that was closer to a medical facility that he hoped would improve the family member’s health.

“Unfortunately, I am reminded by photographs every day that we have but one life to give. All of the accomplishments and drive of one person are not worth a thing when they have a family member hurting,” Hildebrand stated in a letter to Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson and the city.

Hildebrand had not yet signed the contract the Eudora City Council approved July 27. However, interim city administrator Mike Wildgen said Hildebrand had initially indicated he approved the terms of the contract.

Wildgen said the city would begin its search for a new administrator as soon as possible and noted that several other possible candidates had applied for the position too late in the process to be interviewed.

The city will pull from that pool of applications.


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