Cash tight? Some money-saving tips a big night out

April 29, 2009


Big night out without the big budget? Here are some ideas on how to save without looking cheap:

• Beg and borrow, but please but don’t steal: Swap dresses with friends, or borrow fun vintage accessories and jewelry from a family member.

• DIY: Make your own boutonniere, or pick up some sewing tips to rehab a thrift-store find.

• Think sharp: The Cinderella-inspired dress may look fab in the store, but also think about how it will look stuck in the back of your closet in a couple of years. Instead, opt for a tea-length dress, or a trendy cocktail number that you might actually be able to wear more than once.

• Say cheese!: Slip a digital camera into your purse or jacket pocket and snap away before, during or after the party. Or, ask your friends to take shots and swap images online for pics that are so much better than expensive posed ones by the pros stationed at the dance.


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