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Lawrence life coach offers to-do list tips

April 27, 2009


Do you often feel overwhelmed, procrastinate or feel like your daily to-do list never get finished?

Lawrence life coach Cheryl Miller has a to-do list on how to make a successful to-do list.

Rethink the ordinary

Train yourself to think that every task on your to-do list is something that you personally want to accomplish, rather than something you have to do. If you need to clean the house, don’t dwell on the chore; remember that you want the house to look nice, so that is why you are cleaning it.

Add art

If you like to doodle or draw, use it in your lists. If you enjoy writing poetry, make your list into a poem. If you enjoy writing lyrics, make your to-do list into a song.

Change physical format

Try one of these:

• Write a to-do list on a mirror with a dry erase marker, erasing each task as finished.

• Make a to-do list on a door hanger and hang it on a door. That way the list is visible and you will see it every day.

• Use a job jar. Find an old cookie jar or an unused kitchen container. Write down every task that you need to accomplish separately and place it into the job jar. This creates spontaneity and a fun way for kids to get involved with chores.

• Use the box method. Draw four boxes and label them into categories: errands, communication, work and home. Personalize each box. Plan all errands in a precise route to save money on gas. Think about your communication tasks — phoning a relative, sending a personal e-mail or mailing a thank-you note and list in communication box. For work box, plan your dress for the week. For home box, list each family member and room of the house, then planing accordingly. For example: “Upstairs Bathroom — Clean Monday” or “Son — Soccer Tuesday, 4 p.m.”

Add a fun activity

Make sure you have a fun task incorporated into each list. Read a book for a half an hour, walk your dog, rent a movie or even write down “pause for a minute.” Anything to help you relax and feel special will help.

Remember to customize

Always remember that each person’s list should be formatted differently for his or her own personal needs.

Remembering to prioritize each task, however it may work for you, is important. Don’t feel like there is one certain way to have a successful to-do list. Make each list your own.


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