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Group apologizes for wrongfully criticizing Jenkins over earmarks

April 24, 2009


— The earmark controversy has taken another turn.

The Club for Growth, which on Wednesday criticized U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins, R-Topeka, for violating her pledge against earmarks, on Thursday issued an apology.

The Washington D.C.-based group said — as Jenkins’ office had maintained — that the freshmen legislator never swore against seeking earmarks, but instead vowed to restrict her earmark requests.

On Wednesday, The Club for Growth issued a news release saying it was removing Jenkins from its “Sworn Off Earmarks” list. On Thursday, the group said Jenkins should never have been on the list to start with.

“We apologize for the error,” said The Club for Growth.

During her successful 2008 campaign for Congress, Jenkins, whose 2nd U.S. House District includes west Lawrence, criticized her opponents for voting for earmarks, which are appropriations for specifically requested projects tucked away in large spending bills.

But since being elected, Jenkins has requested earmarks.

Jenkins’ spokeswoman Mary Geiger said that Jenkins would prefer a ban on earmarks, but since they are a reality, Jenkins said she would request projects in her district that serve a legitimate purpose.

She said Jenkins has submitted 23 projects totaling $70 million to the House Appropriations Committee for consideration. The projects would help military installations, communities and public universities, she said.


Kirk Larson 9 years ago

"Boyda's behavior is bad, but I'm going to do it anyway" Still makes her a hypocrite.

Bob_Keeshan 9 years ago

When did Club for Growth put her on the list? During the campaign.

Funny, she didn't want to correct their error last October.

jayhawklawrence 9 years ago

Jenkins won with an avalanche of very clever ads that misled voters in the last week of the election. Funded by Republican bigs out of DC who swore they would get that seat back.

They had reason to be confident in their strategy. In Kansas, it works very well for them.

texburgh 9 years ago

Clearly Club for Growth made a mistake. The mistake was that they thought Jenkins was a Democrat. As soon as they realized she was a Republican they apologized for being mean to her. Republican earmarks are good earmarks; Democratic earmarks are the porky ones. Thank goodness, CFG found their error!

camper 9 years ago

Texburgh. Democratic earmarks are Socialism. Republican earmarks are merely fine print that they deal with if ever called on them.

But these are not just earmarks Jenkins voted "yes" on, they are ones she actually proposed (23 projects, $70m). Probably decent projects and worthwhile, yet just more proof to be wary of politicians who get elected for demonizing socialism and government/business ventures.

Sharon Aikins 9 years ago

I can see it happening. When you fill out applications asking for sex, race, religion they will be asking political affiliation. All of these things determine who we are after all. Since I am apolitical, I find it amusing to read blogs like this where the finger pointing and raspberries determine who is right, no pun, or wrong. Honestly, I will never for the life of me see why my being affliated with any one party means that I have to close my mind to all other ideas and theories. I have always voted for the person I felt would do the better job, never a straight ticket, and never influenced by the negative and stupid TV ads. If I were smitten by one party, then I would agree with all their ads and all the other party's would be lies. Wouldn't it be refreshing to have one election where every politician was frankly open and honest about where they stood on issues instead of trying to make themselves look better by trashing their opponents? Politics to me is the biggest game in the world where no one has to think for themselves, just parrot what they are led to believe. At least it's a good laugh. I've lived through lots of elections. I survived Bush, I'll survive Obama. I'll even survive Jenkins.

camper 9 years ago

I kind of wish Ryun won this election now.

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