Bicyclists’ rights

To the editor:

By implying that most bicyclists ignore the law and most drivers are innocent victims of police zealotry, the Journal-World editors have yet again put their ignorance on display. As a bicyclist that regularly commutes via the Lawrence bike paths, I daily encounter cars obstructing crosswalks while waiting for red lights, rolling through stop signs/red lights while making right turns, and in general failing to yield to any pedestrian including cyclists, joggers, dog walkers, and even people pushing baby strollers.

Drivers are not entitled to every inch of paved surface; they just act like they are. It is time to acknowledge that drivers frequently bend or break traffic laws and rarely have to face the consequences. In the more than five years of commuting by bicycle, I have never seen any of the hundreds of lawbreaking drivers I’ve encountered warned or ticketed for any of their offenses. Although “oblivious and arrogant bicycle riders” are certainly a danger to themselves, a greater danger to us all are the countless number of oblivious and arrogant drivers on the road.

I challenge the Journal World editors, and anyone else for that matter, to properly educate themselves by ditching the car and commuting by bicycle for one week. Maybe then you will open your eyes and minds and realize the truth: Most drivers do not respect the rights of bicyclists.