Letters to the Editor

Differing views

April 23, 2009


To the editor:

Well, once again, I have had my morning coffee brightened by another screed. Once again, I am so glad this paper is willing to provide people of all views a soapbox, whether those views be those of Carl Burkhead or Jean-Luc Godasse.

It is tyranny to censor those whose view opposes yours, no matter how enlightened you may believe you are and how superstitious you believe another to be. I expect a newspaper to provide its readership access to information that is reasonably and legitimately deemed to be factual but also to provide a “pulpit” for opinions. I am glad the Journal-World has an opinion page and does not just give us the facts. It is opinion which give facts meaning. Information plus opinion can lead to wisdom and understanding.

The Lawrence Journal-World’s publications of Mr. Burkhead’s and Mr. Godasse’s diatribes is a tribute to its willingness to allow diverse opinions and a positive reflection on its character and confidence in its rational readership.



paavopetie 9 years ago

We all know that reality has a liberal bias. Why do we give so-called conservatives equal time and space on our airwaves and in our newspapers? All mocking aside, why can't the hypocrites stop complaining about "socialism" and take look at the bigger picture - improving this great country we live in?

whiskeysour 9 years ago

To be honest, I haven't read the two authors this article references. I am curious, however, why paav thinks that "reality has a liberal bias"? What does that statement even mean?

As for why "hypocrites" (who are you labelling here?) don't quiet down about socialism is because not everyone agrees that things happening now are in fact improving the country.

I, for one, certainly do not!

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