Say a prayer

To the editor:

A few years ago, there was a report of the Veterans Memorial in Kansas City being vandalized. Later, I heard the ones who committed the crime turned themselves in because the act angered a few veterans.

Not long ago, there were reports of protesters at funerals of American military personnel. Veterans and their supporters started attending the funerals in larger numbers. I myself rode a few times because I am a veteran.

This past March, my truck was stolen. After the thieves were through with it, they burned it. What bothers me so is that it had a veterans license plate, easy to spot. If they didn’t know they stole a veteran’s property, it’s because they don’t care. Such activities are all kinds of wrong because veterans are willing to die for you. I see a trend in my country. To me, it is as easy to spot as the tags.

The trend I see is more illegal activities and less prayer. I’m beginning to feel our foundation might have a crack in it. If I might make a suggestion to help reverse this trend: Next time you are watching a parade, stand tall and proud when veterans go by. Give them a salute to let them know you are thankful they are willing to die for you. Each and every day, remember to say a prayer for strength for your country and give thanks to our God that we have our country that is still free.