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Parole board taking comments in hearing of arsonist responsible for firefighter’s death

April 22, 2009


Man convicted of firefighter fatality up for parole

A man convicted of killing a Lawrence firefighter in 1986 is up for parole. Enlarge video

David Winebrenner

David Winebrenner

The Kansas Parole Board will take public comments today in Topeka, before determining whether to grant parole to the man responsible for a 1986 arson that killed a Lawrence firefighter.

David Winebrenner, age 21 at the time of the fire, is now in his 40s and serving a life sentence for the death of firefighter Mark Blair. He is eligible for parole in June.

The man set fire to his parents’ home at 3028 Rimrock Drive while they were sleeping inside. His father said it was because he was angry about not being able to drive the family’s brand-new truck.

The Winebrenners escaped from the home unharmed, but a roof beam collapsed and killed 34-year-old Blair while he was inside searching for other occupants.

Winebrenner received a life sentence after pleading no contest in October 1987 to first-degree murder, but he comes up for parole periodically. He was denied parole in 2006.


Taxpayer 8 years, 12 months ago

The link to the Kansas Department of Corrections public comment e-mail form is listed below. All comments will be kept confidential. You can cut and paste it to access or try clicking on it. The inmate's name and number is: David Winebrenner, KDOC # 46698

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