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Nine Boston runners from Lawrence

April 21, 2009


Nine runners listing Lawrence as their hometown ran in Monday’s Boston Marathon.

Robert Schmidt was the fastest, clocking 2:38:08 to place 146th overall, 135th among men and 119th in his division.

Other finishers: Alex Rock, 2:45:26, 286th overall, 271st gender, 237th division; Christopher Lounsbury, 3:09:54, 2,719th overall, 2,553rd gender, 1,759 division; Michael Zabel, 3:26:38, 6,245th overall, 5,366th gender, 822nd division; Chris Nyberg, 3:31:43, 7,767th overall, 6,382nd gender, 1,266th division; Jorge Carvajal, 3:34:52, 8,716th overall, 6,938th gender, 1,324th division; Elise Rock, 9,361st overall, 2,081st gender, 1,596th division; Kelli Bates, 3:49:59, 13,083rd overall, 4,024th gender, 2,761st division; and Erika Nilles-Plumlee, 3:56:04, 14,624th overall, 4,864th gender, 3,153rd division.


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