Handgun missing after police arrest vacationing couple

Lawrence police arrested a Jacksonville, N.C., couple Monday morning after a domestic disturbance involving several handguns and a broken windshield, police said.

Sgt. Michael McLaren said the couple, a 20-year-old man and his 19-year-old wife, was on vacation doing target practice. They had three handguns in their car. The dispute began at a party about midnight when the woman threw beer on her husband, McLaren said. The husband went out to their Mercury Milan, grabbed two handguns and smashed out the windshield of the vehicle. He then ran away from the party, and she went looking for him.

When officers found the couple in the 100 block of East Ninth Street at 12:20 a.m., the man had only one weapon on him. It was not loaded. He had dropped the other handgun while running away from the party, McLaren said.

Police searched for the weapon from Ninth to 13th streets between every house on Rhode Island and Connecticut streets. McLaren said it was likely that somebody at the party found the weapon and picked it up. If anybody should come across the weapon, he said, they should call police immediately at (785) 841-7210. They shouldn’t touch the weapon, he said.

McLaren said the man was arrested on charges of domestic criminal damage and carrying a concealed weapon. The woman was arrested on charges of domestic battery.