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Marathoners brave weather for charity

The cold didn't prevent more than 1,400 runners from taking to the streets Sunday for the Lynn Electric Kansas Marathon, the proceeds of which went to benefit the not-for-profit clinic Health Care Access.

April 19, 2009


More than 1,400 runners took to the wet and windy streets of Lawrence this morning in the Lynn Electric Kansas Marathon. The athletes competed in a 13.1 mile half-marathon, a 10K and a 5K race.

The winner of the half-marathon with a time of one hour and 18 minutes was DJ Hilding, manager of Garry Gribble’s Running Sports.

"It was fun. It was a tough course, though, especially coming up that hill into the wind,” said Hilding.

The proceeds of today’s event benefit the not-for-profit clinic Health Care Access. The money total is still unknown, but the goal is $50,000.


Evan Ridenour 9 years ago

Congratulations to everyone who ran! It was for a great cause!

I do have a couple of issues with the story though.

1) A half marathon does not make you a marathoner!

2) The weather wasn't actually that bad. I ran 22 miles in -15 degrees with windchill a couple of times last winter when I was training for the Phoenix marathon... that is bad weather!!!

I hope to see just as many people running the full next year as people ran the half, I'll be out there with you!

Evan Ridenour 9 years ago

I don't agree. I think pointing out exaggerations in an article AFTER congratulating everyone who participated would constitute almost exactly the opposite intention of what you have accused me of.

Anyone who is a real runner would of never complained about todays weather it was actually fairly good running weather!! And running a half marathon is not running a marathon and I am not disputing that there were marathon runners out there running it but not everyone who WAS running the half was a marathon runner so the usage of the term marathoner was poor diction. That isn't even looking at the fact that the article is referring to this specific race which featured NO marathon... But besides THAT point, the article was referring to the ENTIRE race which was mostly constituted of people running the 5k and 10k... NOT the half marathon. When you take that into account of the roughly 1500 participants maybe 100 were actually marathon runners so ya, the term the writer used was incorrect even when taking your lame argument into account.

If you were to look back through my posting history you would see that I am a frequent critic of the poor quality journalism from this paper. My critiques were aimed at the writer, Annalise Flynn, not at the participants. Before you go off attacking someones motives you might want to sit back and reflect before you make yourself appear foolish.

Jacob Kucza 9 years ago

Regardless of if the weather and runner descriptions were accurate or exaggerated, at least there were 1,500 people on the streets in less than ideal weather being active and aiming for fitness. Rather than bash those who actually participated, it might be more fun to slam the fatties who sit at home and reach the same heart rate as these runners when they flush the toilet.

TravisTyson 9 years ago

I was a participant. Regardless of Eride's comments (by the way - let's race punk)

Great job to everyone there!!! On a tough course in the wind, etc. The money was for a great cause and I sincerely hope we raised a good amount for a great cause.

It's not always whether you win or lose (or if you've ever run a full marathon, qualified for Boston, or finish a 5k for that matter) It's how you win the race.

As a Lawrencian - Great job to everybody and please disregard posted from said above!!!

TravisTyson 9 years ago

Oh... and every one there was a REAL runner - they put one leg in front of the other "faster than a walking motion"

TravisTyson 9 years ago

last note: Bravo Pywacket

and I meant that it's not whether you win or lose in this case - it's how you RUN the race. My apologies and happy trails.

lawrenceishome 9 years ago

I ran the HALF this morning, first-time running a distance race, and was it hard for me? Oh yeah, but general consensus seemed that it was pretty tough because it was so windy. Gusts got up to 30mph...was it cold? Probably not too bad if there wasn't wind and it was wet, but the whipping winds definitely had an impact.

Of course me being a first time runner at any level it was much harder, but I'm still pretty stoked I ran it. And I told myself I will never try to run a full marathon because I wouldn't want to be around runners like Eride--and 26.2 is a bit long :)

TravisTyson 9 years ago

Please don't be put off my people like Eride. They seem to be out for their own selfish reasons and simply do not take the time recognize YOUR efforts. I DO and will continue to try to encourage people to reach for higher things.

Great job today lawrenceishome!!! And yes it was cold and tough.

Evan Ridenour 9 years ago

Please don't be put off by people like TravisTyson who lack the ability to comprehend the written word. It is fairly clear I was referring to the lack of quality in the way the article was written and NOT the accomplishments of the runners.

oldcat 9 years ago

eride, if you want to a copy editor, apply at LJW. Otherwise shut up and stop knocking what people do.

TravisTyson 9 years ago

Eride - I was an English major - I don't put off the written word, I am however very adept at reading between the lines (i.e. your response). I ask you not to diminish personal accomplishments, and accept the article we are all replying to as jouranalism which has no subjective material. Good day.

d_prowess 9 years ago

I know there are some ill feelings going on here, but come on. You have to concede that the title of the article is misleading. I actually only clicked on it because I was interested to know if there was an actual marathon run today since I thought I saw earlier in the week it was a half marathon.

Evan Ridenour 9 years ago

d_prowess, most of the people who frequent this board like to create conflict out of thin air. It is fitting that the average poster on these blogs reflects the lack of general intelligence displayed by the actual writers on the newspapers staff.

For example, TravisTyson even admits that the words used in my posts did not detract from the accomplishments of the participants of today's run. But then he states that even though my words didn't actually say this they were intended to state that... that is the type of flawless reasoning skills one can only expect from someone who has "earned" a Liberal Arts "degree".

I am officially bored arguing about this now, any non-biased person of average intelligence who reads my initial post will see I was only speaking against the poor journalistic quality of the article and not against the participants. People stating otherwise, like TravisTyson, have through their own posts made themselves look idiotic.

I will end my posts on this blog with the end of my first post... "I hope to see just as many people running the full next year as people ran the half, I'll be out there with you!" This is a great event to get behind and I want it to succeed, so just like I initially stated... go out there and support this race next year so it can grow and it won't be canceled like the last one, Lawrence needs a marathon!!

TravisTyson 9 years ago

Last note - Eride, please don't judge my choice of a profession. Lot's of people graduate with a liberal arts degree. I am serving as an educator for the university - anything wrong with that?

That said, my apologies for offending you - happy trails. We'll see you out there.

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