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Interior won’t challenge rule on guns in parks

April 18, 2009


— The Obama administration said Friday it will not appeal a federal court ruling that prohibits carrying loaded guns in national parks and wildlife refuges.

Instead, the Interior Department said it will conduct a full environmental review of an earlier policy that allowed concealed, loaded guns in parks and refuges.

U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly struck down the gun policy last month. She called the rule, issued in the waning days of the Bush administration, severely flawed and said officials failed to evaluate its possible environmental impacts, as required by law. The judge set an April 20 deadline for the Interior Department to indicate its likely response.


Godot 9 years ago

Next step, an executive order that makes all federally funded highways and streets national parks.

beatrice 9 years ago

Once again, all the fear and hysteria over Obama taking away everyone's precious wittle guns once he took office has proven to be nothing but NRA scare-tactics and false alarms spread by extremists and fanatics. How sad that so many fell for it.

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