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Vegetarians risk eating disorders

April 13, 2009


Former and current adolescent vegetarians are more likely to have eating disorders than their non-vegetarian counterparts, according to new research published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.

Researchers collected data from 2,516 adolescents and young adults, ages 15 to 23, who completed a mailed survey and food frequency questionnaires in 2004. Participants were identified as current vegetarians, former vegetarians and never vegetarians. Here’s what they found (quoted from the article’s abstract):

• Current vegetarians in the younger and older groups had healthier dietary intakes than non-vegetarians with regard to fruits, vegetables and fat.

• Among young adults, current vegetarians were less likely than never vegetarians to be overweight or obese.

• Adolescent and young adult current vegetarians were more likely to report binge eating with loss of control when compared to non-vegetarians.

• Among adolescents, former vegetarians were more likely than never vegetarians to engage in extreme unhealthful weight-control behaviors.

• Among young adults, former vegetarians were more likely than current and never vegetarians to engage in extreme unhealthful weight-control behaviors.

The researchers conclude that clinicians should ask people about their vegetarian status when assessing the risk of eating disorders.


igby 5 years ago

15 years, I've been a vegie-tar-ian. About starved to death for six months at first. Then after a while I realized that their is really no fast food for me at lease back then, in the early 1990's.

I've noticed that the storing of fats can be a problem. Any fat seems to get stored, which forces you to eat even less. I went from 250 to 220 in about one year. Then over 14 years gained it back due to junk food like chips and dips which I quit about a year ago. Now I'm 220 again and eat hardly no rice, but do eat pasta, beans greens and sometimes Doritos. Lol.

The perfect food is Doritos!


BuffyloGal 5 years ago

And they are generally healthier and weigh less. What a stupid headline, especially if you read the article. Another classic from McLatchy.


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