Random things I learned about my mom through Facebook

Nineteen things about my mom (taken from her Facebook page):

1. I had a really bad hair day this past Saturday. Looking into the mirror I puzzled: “Whose hair is this?!!!”

2. My solution was to buy some gel and form my hair into sections like cinnamon rolls.

3. I got more compliments on my hair style than usual.

4. I’ve had a Cannondale mountain bike for more than 12 years and have ridden it about 1 mile.

5. Right now it’s in the back of my cargo van so I can take it to have the flat tire fixed so it will look better leaning against my garage when people come over.

6. My daughter writes a column titled “Bad Mommy Club,” and I’m the original inspiration.

7. She reminded me that when she was 13 I bought her and two girlfriends tickets to see Cheap Trick and dropped them off saying, “I’ll pick you up when it’s over” without specifying where.

8. I said, “Well, Cheap Trick was a very serious & professional group.”

9. She said, “Yeah, but we were three 13-year-old girls, and let’s just say we got a lot of attention and some old guys around us were taking their clothes off.”

10. Sometimes I think times have changed.

11. I grew up on a farm in North Dakota.

12. We had several bottle lambs.

13. We could bring our sheep herd home by calling the grown-up bottle lambs and, when they came running, all the other sheep would follow.

14. They’d follow “like sheep.”

15. I was in 4-H, and one of my projects was to paint a burn can. A caravan of grown-ups and kids drove to our farm to see a burn can that had been painted with the words “BURN CAN.”

16. I did another 4-H project where I tested corn kernels to see the percentage that germinated. It was called a Rag Doll Test.

17. I didn’t understand why it was called a “Rag Doll Test.”

18. I didn’t ask.

19. I probably should have asked.