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April 11, 2009


Report: Farrah Fawcett released from hospital

Los Angeles — Farrah Fawcett has been released from a Los Angeles hospital after being treated for internal bleeding not directly related to her cancer, reported.

The 62-year-old actress, who starred in the “Charlie’s Angels” TV series, was diagnosed with anal cancer in 2006.

She recently had a “minor procedure” in Germany that “led to a small amount of bleeding into a muscle in her abdominal wall,” which created a hematoma, a sac of blood that caused pressure and pain, her Los Angeles cancer specialist, Dr. Lawrence Piro, said earlier this week.

Piro told People that Fawcett, who was discharged Thursday, was in good spirits and looking forward to celebrating Easter at home.

Woody Harrelson likens paparazzo to zombie

Los Angeles — Woody Harrelson is likening a paparazzo he tussled with at a New York airport to one of the undead zombies he battles in his upcoming film.

In a statement released Friday, Harrelson jokingly compares the scrutiny of the paparazzi to the packs of undead he confronted in “Zombieland.”

“I wrapped a movie called ‘Zombieland,’ in which I was constantly under assault by zombies, then flew to New York, still very much in character,” Harrelson said. “With my daughter at the airport I was startled by a paparazzo who I quite understandably mistook for a zombie.”

Celebrity gossip site TMZ posted a video on Thursday of Harrelson chasing one of their photographers who followed the actor and his 12-year-old daughter through LaGuardia Airport. TMZ said Harrelson broke the photographer’s main camera, and the paparazzo is heard repeatedly accusing Harrelson of assault — while he continued to follow the actor.

Another video shows the photographer asking Harrelson whether he is wearing hemp pants, and at another point mocking the actor for his role in “White Men Can’t Jump.”

Judge orders Redmond O’Neal held without bail

Los Angeles — A judge on Friday ordered the son of Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal to be held without bail while he awaits sentencing on a probation violation.

Redmond O’Neal appeared in court Friday and admitted he had violated the terms of his probation for a previous drug conviction, court records show. A judge revoked the 24-year-old’s bail and ordered a sentencing hearing for next week.

He faces up to three years in state prison for the violation, and still has a pair of pending drug cases.

Publisher to release Vonnegut stories

New York — A posthumous collection of short stories by Kurt Vonnegut will be released this November.

The collection, called “Look at the Birdie,” contains 14 stories by the author of “Slaughterhouse-Five” and other works, Delacorte Press announced Friday.

The publisher says it plans to reissue 15 Vonnegut titles including “Mother Night,” “The Sirens of Titan,” “Galapagos” and “Slaughterhouse-Five.” Also due: another collection of his unpublished writings and a book of letters sent to and from the author during his life.

More never-before-seen stories by Vonnegut appeared in the 2008 collection “Armageddon in Retrospect.”

Vonnegut died in April 2007 at the age of 84. His works contained elements of social commentary, sci-fi and autobiography.

McCain’s daughter to write book on politics

New York — Sen. John McCain’s daughter will write a book about her experience as a progressive Republican.

Meghan McCain, who campaigned for her father during the 2008 presidential race, will examine what it means to “love the Republican party, while not always fitting in,” says publisher Hyperion, which inked a deal with McCain.

The book is slated to come out next spring, Hyperion says. McCain, an emerging Republican voice, plans to address how the party can change its image, attract younger voters and get them involved, among other topics.

McCain blogs for the Web site The Daily Beast. She has written a children’s book, “My Dad, John McCain.”

Tom Rush releases first studio album in 35 years

Vienna, Va. — Tom Rush acknowledges he’s the biggest slacker in folk music.

“I think I’ve probably secured that title,” Rush said, after it took him 35 years to release his latest album, “What I Know.”

Rush blamed a combination of “sloth,” “inertia” and trouble landing a record deal for the long delay.

Rush was touring most of those years, except for the time he tried farming.

“I quit showbiz for nine months,” he said in a recent interview. “I had a farm up in New Hampshire and this Russian-made diesel tractor, and drove the tractor around the field for about nine months and basically made a mess and started to realize I wasn’t a farmer.”

While Rush co-wrote seven of the 15 tracks on the album, he’s primarily known for being an interpreter of other artists’ music. He was the first to record songs by Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Jackson Browne. Taylor has even credited Rush with his career.


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