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FINAL: Johnathan Wilson posts 133 receiving yards; Blue team takes 20-7 victory in KU Spring Game

Blue team receiver Johnathan Wilson is pulled down by White team cornerback Greg Brown after a reception during the first half of the 2009 Spring Game Saturday, April 11, 2009 at Memorial Stadium.

Blue team receiver Johnathan Wilson is pulled down by White team cornerback Greg Brown after a reception during the first half of the 2009 Spring Game Saturday, April 11, 2009 at Memorial Stadium.

April 11, 2009, 12:48 p.m. Updated April 11, 2009, 5:57 p.m.


Audio Clips
2009 Spring Game

5:17 p.m.

Mark Mangino's interview is on the left. If nothing else, check out his Allen Iverson impersonation at the 7 1/2-minute mark.

5:08 p.m.

KU coach Mark Mangino commented on the current status of running back Jocques Crawford, who did not play in today's Spring Game.

"Jocques has been suspended for violation of team policy. To be quite honest, it was a situation where he breached team policy more than once in a relatively short period of time.

"Every kid that I deal with in every situation, they're all different," Mangino added. "I'm taking a look at his situation. He is suspended. He will not participate the rest of spring. I just don't know his status. I'll be honest with you: I don't know his status, whether he'll be back or not."

Mangino was asked if Crawford's suspension was related to the recent incident with Ben Lueken, who was hospitalized earlier this week after being struck by a vehicle after a confrontation.

"There's an investigation that's pending, and I can't speak to that at the present time," Mangino said.

Final statistics

Blue team


Sharp — 7 carries, 63 yards, TD

Lewis — 12 carries, 56 yards

Meier — 1 carry, 5 yards

Reesing — 1 carry, 0 yards


Reesing 16-for-22, 221 yards, TD

Meier 6-for-8, 86 yards


Wilson — 7 catches, 133 yards, TD

Meier — 5 catches, 77 yards

Steward — 3 catches, 37 yards

Sharp — 3 catches, 34 yards


Schermer 8 tackles, Harris 6 tackles (1 sack), Thornton 5 tackles, Arist Wright 4 tackles.

White team


Pick — 10 carries, 33 yards

Sands — 8 carries, 28 yards

Lewis — 2 carries, 8 yards

Jordan Webb — 2 carries, -6 yards


Pick 14-for-21, 108 yards, TD, INT

Webb 4-for-6, 39 yards


Raimond Pendleton — 4 catches, 28 yards, TD

Isiah Barfield — 3 catches, 45 yards

Ted McNulty — 3 catches, 32 yards

Reece Petty — 3 catches, 17 yards


Greg Brown 8, Lubbock Smith 6, Brian Blackwell 5, Calvin Rubles 4.

FINAL: Blue 20/White 7

After a three-and-out and punt from the Blue team, Mangino ends the game with 40 seconds remaining.

Check back to, as we'll be updating with postgame interviews and stats.

Blue 20/White 7 — 2:06 left in 4th quarter

A nice sideline catch from tight end Ted McNulty and a sack from the Blue team's Jeff Wheeler highlight the next drive.

The estimated attendance here is 17,000, though that number might be a touch high.

Blue 20/White 7 — 5:00 left in 4th quarter

After a White team punt, Lewis continued his impressive day. He took a pass from Pick (who switched to the Blue team) on the sideline, made one defender miss, then reversed all the way across the field for a 42-yard gain. He's picked a good day to have an impressive performance.

Pick, meanwhile, has delivered two nice throws on this possession. On one, he waited patiently in the pocket before hitting Tertavian Ingram deep down the sideline. Unfortunately for Pick, Ingram dropped the pass.

Pick also showed good awareness on the pass to Lewis, stopping just before he passed the line-of-scrimmage before lofting the ball to the open back.

Lewis was stuffed by the White team's interior line on third- and fourth-and-goal, and the White team will take over at its own one after the goal-line stand.

Blue 20/White 7 — 11:51 left in 4th quarter

Wilson has more than made up for Briscoe's absence with his performance today. After catching a sideline pass, he made two defenders miss and kept his balance to turn a short pass into a 32-yard reception. He's up to 133 receiving yards.

Branstetter knocks through his second field goal — a 32-yarder — and the Blue team extends its lead.

Blue 17/White 7 — 5:12 left in third quarter

After a White team punt, the Blue squad drive the length of the field with Kerry Meier as its quarterback. Meier floats a nice 25-yard pass to A.J. Steward, who is upended a step after catching the ball on the right sideline.

From there, converted running back Rell Lewis does most of the damage. He puts together consecutive 13-yard runs, and later adds a seven-yard run and an eight-yard reception.

On a third and goal from the White team's 1, Dustin Spears comes up with a big play for the White team. He broke through the line to take down Lewis for a four-yard loss, and on a fourth and goal, Meier's pass to Steward fell incomplete.

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Halftime statistics

Blue Squad


Sharp — 7 carries, 63 yards

Lewis — 1 carry, 5 yards

Reesing — 1 carry, 0 yards


Reesing 16-for-22, 221 yards, TD


Wilson — 6 catches, 101 yards, TD

Meier — 5 catches, 77 yards

Sharp — 3 catches, 34 yards

Biere — 2 catches, 9 yards


Jake Schermer 8, Anthony Davis 3, Chris Harris 3 (1 sack), Justin Thornton 3.

White Squad


Pick — 8 carries, 33 yards

Sands — 5 carries, 19 yards

Lewis — 2 carries, 8 yards


Pick 10-for-16, 63 yards, TD, INT


Pendleton — 3 catches, 21 yards, TD

Barfield — 2 catches, 16 yards

Reece Petty — 2 catches, 12 yards

Willie O'Quinn — 2 catches, 9 yards


Lubbock Smith 6, Greg Brown 5, D.J. Marshall 3, Olaitan Oguntodu 2.

Blue 17/White 7 — Halftime

Pick looks to have settled down a bit for the White team. Forced out of the pocket, he scrambles 13 yards down the left sideline for a first down. A few plays later, on fourth and six, he finds Isiah Barfield over the middle for a 12-yard reception.

Pick runs through the middle for eight more yards and another first down. He's shown some good speed.

The White team scores on one of the most impressive plays today. Pick lofted a pass to the corner of the end zone on a fade pattern, and Raimond Pendleton went up over a defender to snatch the football before falling to the ground. The 15-yard TD reception capped a 70-yard drive for the White team.

Rell Lewis follows with a five-yard run for the Blue team to take us to halftime.

Blue 17/White 0 — 4:31 left in 2nd quarter

The Blue team has hit a two-possession skid. Sharp is left wide-open on a shovel pass, gaining 30 yards down the left sideline, but the Jayhawks stall soon after. A 15-yard offensive pass interference call sets KU back, and Greene follows with a knocked-down pass for the White squad.

Wilson fights for 16 yards over the middle on a catch, but it's not enough on third and 25. Rojas punts it away.

Blue 17/White 0 — 6:40 left in 2nd quarter

The White defense comes up with its first stop. Sharp is gobbled up by Jamal Greene and Drew Dudley on a shovel pass (Is Greene playing on the White squad meant as a punishment for his earlier suspension? Hmmm.) On third down, the ball is snapped without Reesing looking for it, and Ian Wolfe recovers his team's fumble for a 19-yard loss. Alonso Rojas attempts a pooch punt without much success, as it flutters out of bounds for a 7-yard punt, giving the White team possession at its own 27.

The White squad's offense picks up its first first down a few seconds later, as Willie O'Quinn catches a five-yard pass from Pick and Sands follows with a six-yard run.

Pick breaks free for a 15-yard scramble, and we've seen more highlights with his feet so far than we have with his arm.

The White squad stalls at the Blue 39, and Rojas' pooch punt is much better this time. Daymond Patterson fair catches it at his own 8, and the Blue team will take over.

Blue 17/White 0 — End of 1st quarter

The Blue defense stops the White team twice in a row.

The first time, the Blue squad halted running back Deshaun Sands on a third-and-2, but KU's coaches went ahead and awarded a first down to see more from the Blue defense.

A few plays later, Pick threw up a pass for grabs between two defenders, and Darrell Stuckey came away with the jump-ball interception.

Some luck for the Blue's offense, as a pass deflects off Meier and into the arms of Wilson for a 9-yard gain. Sharp picks up the first down on a two-yard run up the middle two plays later.

Blue 17/White 0 — 3:28 left in 1st quarter

Another three-and-out forced by the Blue defense. Kale Pick has gone two possessions as the White QB, and from my count, he's 0-for-3 with a five-yard run.

The Blue team scores quickly once again, with the highlights coming from Wilson and Sharp. After dropping a ball in the flat, Wilson broke free on his next reception for 24 yards on the right sideline. The next play, Sharp ran through a hole on the right side, then patiently picked his way behind blockers 40 yards down the sideline to the 1. Sharp plunged in on the next play, and Branstetter added the point-after.

Blue 10/White 0 — 7:35 left in first quarter

The Blue defense forced a three-and-out before the Blue offense went back to work.

This time, Reesing led his team 53 yards, with 40 of those yards coming from Meier. Meier caught a 13-yard pass before breaking free on the next play, sprinting down the left sideline for 27 yards.

Reesing had great protection on second- and third-down plays at the White's 27, but two of his passes were forced into traffic and fell incomplete. Jacob Branstetter split the uprights (with plenty of distance) on a 44-yard field-goal attempt to increase the Blue squad's lead.

Blue 7/White 0 — 12:12 left in 1st quarter

An efficient drive to start from the Blue offense.

Reesing drove his team 69 yards in six plays, capped by a 10-yard touchdown pass to Johnathan Wilson. Wilson was the highlight of the drive, as he also had a 36-yard catch on a post pattern down the middle.

Jake Sharp added a nice 11-yard run up the middle, spinning off a defender before gaining additional yardage.

1:20 p.m.

Don't know what this means, but I guess I'll report it and let you decide.

Some of the players are out fielding kicks and punts. Daymond Patterson and Johnathan Wilson are the two guys that are taking punts, and I like the possibility of Patterson getting another chance to return. He was spectacular early last season before struggling later with fumbles.

Working on kickoff returns are Isiah Barfield and ... Darrell Stuckey? That's right, KU cornerback Darrell Stuckey is one of two guys working on catching kickoffs. Obviously, Briscoe is probably the guy to beat out on kickoff returns once he returns to the team, but the fact that Stuckey is fielding kicks at all is intriguing to me.

12:50 p.m.

Welcome back to the Newell Post Live, coming to you from Memorial Stadium where the Kansas football team is preparing for its annual Spring Game.

The Blue and White rosters are out for this game. From the looks of things, the Blue Offense and Defense are, for the most part, the current first teams.

Here are their rosters. An asterisk indicates that person will play for both the Blue and White teams.

Blue Offense


63* Ian Wolfe

72 Tanner Hawkinson

74 Jeff Spikes


59 Sal Capra

68 Carl Wilson

71* John Williams


77 Jeremiah Hatch

Tight End

86 Tim Biere

Wide Receiver

29* Isiah Barfield

10 Kerry Meier

11 A.J. Steward

81 Johnathan Wilson

89 Tertavian Ingram


5 Todd Reesing

10 Kerry Meier

Running Back

1 Jake Sharp

6 Rell Lewis

Blue Defense


84* Jeff Wheeler

90 Maxwell Onyegbule

91 Jake Laptad

92 Patrick Dorsey

94 Caleb Blakesley


97 Richard Johnson, Jr.


22* Angus Quigley

41 Arist Wright

58 Jake Schermer


16 Chris Harris


25 Darrell Stuckey

26 Phillip Strozier


28 Daymond Patterson

30 Anthony Davis

46* Justin Thornton

KU wide receiver Dezmon Briscoe still is not listed on the roster, so I'm guessing he won't play today. He had been held out of spring practices because of a suspension, though the reason for the suspension was not announced.

Ben Lueken, who was injured in an incident last week, was slated to play guard for KU. It looks like Carl Wilson and John Williams will fill in his spot today.

Also of note: KU running back Jocques Crawford is not listed on the White or Blue squads, though he still does appear on the team roster given out today. I'm sure KU coach Mark Mangino will address this situation after practice, so I'll update you when I can confirm information about Crawford's status.


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