Police execute search warrant at apartment of a KU student body president candidate

Lawrence police have confirmed they executed a search warrant Monday at the apartment of a Kansas University student body president candidate.

Police spokeswoman Kim Murphree said Thursday that about 2 p.m. Monday police searched the home of Tutu Lee as part of an ongoing investigation.

The search warrant was executed the same afternoon a Student Senate debate was canceled at the university. It was called off after university officials heard an “unsubstantiated rumor.” They would not specify the contents of the rumor.

“It’s certainly an interesting development,” said Adam McGonigle, KU student body president.

About two weeks ago, Lee posted a campaign video online showing him and another man firing guns.

Lee said that during the search of his apartment Lawrence police retrieved many of the items shown in the video, including guns, clothing and lawn chairs.

Murphree was unable to elaborate on the circumstances of the investigation, but said it stems from information a student reported to police Feb. 11. The student who made the report would not comment Thursday.

In the two-minute video, which has multiple expletives, Lee indicates he’s running for office “to get his girlfriend back” — just before he starts firing at makeshift targets.

When asked about the meaning behind the statement about his girlfriend, Lee said it was a joke. He did say, however, that he recently broke up with his girlfriend.

“We didn’t expect it to rise in popularity so quickly,” he said of his video. “We did not intend for it to be threatening at all.”

The Student Senate elections will take place Wednesday and Thursday.

On Wednesday, a female Kansas University student obtained a temporary restraining order in Douglas County District Court against Lee — seeking protection from stalking. Lee declined to discuss that matter or to say whether the woman was his ex-girlfriend.

Lee said he’s in the process of securing legal representation.