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Report: Tibet reopened to foreign tourists

April 5, 2009


— China has reopened Tibet to foreign tourists, state media said today, almost two months after imposing a ban ahead of politically sensitive anniversaries.

A group of 11 German travelers arrived in the regional capital of Lhasa late Saturday, the Xinhua News Agency said. The group was on a six-day tour, which would take them to a number of “key scenic spots” before leaving for Nepal, Xinhua said.

China requires foreigners to obtain special permission to visit Tibet and routinely bars them from all Tibetan areas of the country during sensitive periods to keep news of unrest from leaking out.

The latest travel ban on foreigners came in February and March because of the Tibetan New Year and anniversaries of Tibetan uprisings against Chinese rule.


Centerville 9 years, 2 months ago

Chicoms still have complete control over foreign visits. Rather than play their game, go to Dharmsala in northern India where Tibetans are still arriving, doing anything they can to get out the 'Workers Paradise.'

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