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N. Korea says satellite launch coming ‘soon’

April 4, 2009


North Korea said preparations to launch a satellite were complete today and liftoff was imminent, as U.S., Japanese and South Korean warships with radar plied waters near the communist nation to monitor what they fear is a long-range missile test.

Spy satellites trained high-resolution cameras on a coastal launch pad for a launch the North earlier advised international authorities would take place sometime between today and Wednesday.

“Preparations for launching ‘Kwangmyongsong-2,’ an experimental communications satellite, by carrier rocket ‘Unha-2’ have been completed at the satellite launching ground in the east coastal area,” the state-run Korean Central News Agency reported, citing information from the Korean Committee of Space Technology. “The satellite will be launched soon.”

Washington, Seoul and Tokyo suspect North Korea’s real motive is to test its long-range missile technology. The plans have sparked alarm because North Korea has acknowledged it has nuclear weapons and has repeatedly broken promises to shelve its nuclear program or halt rocket tests.


8 years, 11 months ago

We're all just too used to N. Korea's empty threats. Yes, they have nukes. Yes, they have intercontinental ballistic missile tech. But just for bargaining chips, to save face. N. Korea must know that to use these weapons against ANYONE would bring down the wrath of EVERYONE. I for one am not worried.

Terry Rossiter 8 years, 11 months ago

One of two things here, either the US was under great pressure not to shoot down this missile or it didn't have the technology to do so. Either way, an opportunity to deliver a strong message to Mr. Lee was missed, not just by the Obama administration but by all countries involved in the "six way" talks. The message the world just delivered to Mr. Lee is that you can continue to do whatever you want. So sorry North Korens for letting you down once more.

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