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Beans the cat safely back, after accidental trip to California

Beanies Ann is back home this week after a short trip to San Diego after she crawled into a neighbors moving van.

Beanies Ann is back home this week after a short trip to San Diego after she crawled into a neighbors moving van.

April 4, 2009


Cat survives California vacation

There's one lucky pet safe at home in Lawrence after an incredible adventure. Enlarge video

Most pets normally don’t go on the family vacation. But one Lawrence cat just needed some sun, and headed west while the rest of the family headed east during spring break.

Meet Beans, the Sotomayors’ family cat.

When Anita and Ian Sotomayor and their four children, ages 3 to 12, left for a trip to St. Louis recently, Beans was on her way to San Diego.

“We came back on Sunday, and she was nowhere,” Anita Sotomayor said. “We called and called all evening long until the kids went to bed and just tried to reassure them that she would come back tomorrow.”

But when they woke up the next morning, Beans was still missing. The family moved to action and posted fliers about their missing cat throughout the neighborhood.

Then a neighbor offered a tip. “He said, ‘Are you missing a cat?’ And I said, ‘Yes, we are,’ And he said, ‘We have the cat.’ ”

But Anita Sotomayor didn’t see the cat, so the neighbor clarified, “My wife has the cat in San Diego.”

Beans apparently climbed aboard a truck the neighbors were packing up for a move to California. When the truck was opened in California, there was Beans.

The cat stayed with the neighbor’s wife for a week and a half before joining her on a Continental flight to return home on Thursday.

“(The children) were so excited, and we had been looking forward to that day,” Anita said. “We just love Beanies. We think she’s so lovable.

“She’s just a good first pet, couldn’t ask for more.”

Anita’s 9-year-old son Jules said he thinks Beans may have even brought back some California sunshine. He said, “The day has been nicer because it’s been rainy a lot when she’s been gone.”


Graczyk 9 years ago

A little grouchy this morning, Pogo?

Drew_Carey 9 years ago

Hey Pogo, I've got some kittens, you want one?

50 pts for whoever goes over and changes Pogo's litter box. It must be full.

urlocalmomma 9 years ago

Pogo did you get some kitty poo in your cereal today?

sustainabilitysister 9 years ago

Yeah!!! Beans is home safely! Love these stories. Thanks ljworld for giving us a good feeling story. Pogo, I'm sorry you must be a very unhappy person. Please get some help.

crusier 9 years ago

Pogo, thanks for ruining a perfectly good story. You now have made my day start off bad. Good Job!

sustainabilitysister 9 years ago

Pogo, may I add that laws are social constructs and we don't have to agree with them. People create them, people can change them and people can break them.

sourpuss 9 years ago

I don't know, crusier, something about Pogo's response and the responses to it made the story even better for me. Ah, like the howling chorus of Greek tragedy...

I'm glad the jet-setting kitty is back home safely and that the kids are happy.

nobody1793 9 years ago

"Pogo, Shoot yourself. Thanks."

If only someone would write an editorial about how we're all more civil to each other...

Sharon Aikins 9 years ago

I guess it's true, there's one is every crowd. No matter how Beans got into the truck, it's great to hear she was found before she got lost in San Diego. Maybe she just wanted to try the big sand box out there. I'm glad this family has their pet back. It's tough having a pet missing and wondering if you'll ever see them again. Just think of the stories Beans will have to tell her friends!

jonas_opines 9 years ago

Sorry Pogo, multiD wins, and you should back out while you have some shreds of dignity left.

curious2 9 years ago

first... Pogo, do us all a favor and head on over to Bert Nash for an eval. maybe they'll send you home with some paxil or prozac...

Second... Congrats kids! lol


your aunt, uncle & cousins...

lionheart72661 9 years ago

we have 2 cats they're awesome... Pogo get a life

Angela Heili 9 years ago

hmmmm, maybe the people in Pogo's neighborhood should keep a close eye on their cats. "but one day ole Beans might get....poisoned by people who like to kill, etc., etc., etc."

Lots of anger, and hatred in those statements towards animals there Pogo. Not a good sign. Maybe sustainabilitysister is right. Maybe you should get some help.

urlocalmomma 9 years ago

Beans is our cat and hopefully her story has made some people smile this morning. Pogo, maybe your last comment should be removed, I consider what you just blogged to be a threat! I guess we are reminded every day about what kind of sick people there are in the world we live in. We will be more careful with our curious pet in the future, I am going to let her and the kids know there are people like you out there. You better hope Beans doesn't hear about your garden! What's your address?

lionheart72661 9 years ago

wow you really are upset but you totally missed the point of the story. i suppose you would rather read about these idiots shooting each other. This was actually some good news for a change.

lionheart72661 9 years ago

Pogo you ARE an idiot. I officially declare this as "POGO IS AN IDIOT" day

lionheart72661 9 years ago

And as for Beanies family, I am very happy for you and your adventurous kitty.

curious2 9 years ago



You can copy and paste!

Angela Heili 9 years ago

You can file the complaint, but the neighbors may have given permission for the cat to be there. So then your complaint falls flat.

curious2 9 years ago

Just admit it pogo... you are a fan!

local_support 9 years ago

Anytime there is a story like this I often wonder as I'm reading how many posts it will be before some negative nancy jumps on to start airing their grievances. In this case it was exactly 2 posts.

Pogo, if you were sitting around a table with a bunch of people in your community and someone told this story would you stand up and begin railing against unleashed cats as you have done so here? Or would you elect to remain quiet so as not to seem like such a curmudgeon?

middlemgmt 9 years ago

Great story LJW. We have a cat in our neighborhood that runs around and everyone loves her. My kids are always excited to get to pet Bella!

Multidisciplinary, thanks for the laugh. I enjoyed the picture.

crusier 9 years ago

Pogo, please stop! I don't think anyone on here wants your opinion.

crusier 9 years ago

Pogo, does someone need to get you a leash!

Christine Anderson 9 years ago

Pogo, you are an a**h@#!. Seriously, nothing had better happen to Beans, or we will all know exactly who did it! You go to church?? I'm laughing so hard, I'm gonna pee my pants.

jonas_opines 9 years ago

"I really am sorry that someone whizzed in your Post Toasties this morning."

That's pretty much the way he always is. Either just hateful or just a troll like Lawrenceguy40. On a sad note, I guess we're feeding them pretty well today.

Mike Blur 9 years ago

Ian's a former coworker of mine and still a good friend; a man of immense talent on many levels. This is a great story.

The world needs more Ians and fewer Pogos.

LocalMelody 9 years ago

and i quote: Have your fun….but one day ole Beans might get whacked by a car as it crosses the road; might get eaten by a dog; beat up by another cat; poisoned by people who like to kill, etc., etc., etc.

If the owners really care about their pet, they'll take better care of the thing.

What kind of sick person posts this kind of thing? All this is is a heartwarming story! At least we get so have some good news instead of all the bad news Im so sorry that you couldnt be satisfied with that little bit of happyness other people have.

molantha 9 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Gina Bailey-Carbaugh 9 years ago

Go ahead and file a complaint, PoGo. I'm sure Branson et al could use a good laugh. Unclench, relax, go have a blackberry creme latte at Border's, they're delish!

kawvalleybulldog 9 years ago

I bet the cat loved the 2-3 day drive to California in the back of the moving truck with no food or water in total darkness. The alleys on the East-side are over-run with cats. They are literally everywhere. I GUARANTEE you can't walk 10 steps in the east-side without seeing a loose/feral cat.

molantha 9 years ago

got ur underwear in a knot Pogo? you aren't the boss ruler of everything, and you don't deserve to be writing here. ur just too uptight to have a life, so get off ur computer and move ur lazy bones into someone else's business.

LocalMelody 9 years ago

this would make an awsome disney movie or something!

redneck 9 years ago

Pogo has a point. Must have been a slow day in the news world. What, we didn't have another bar related shooting to report? I love animals just as much as the next person, but c'mon you guys. You have to admit this was a pretty lame story. I'll let you know the next time my neighbors cat catches a bird or does something amazing. LOL

RoeDapple 9 years ago

Dodo - Our cat is an inside cat, but open a door and he makes a run for it. In 5 minutes he's scratching at the door wanting back in. Maybe, just maybe, this cat made a break for it in the process of the family going in or out and nobody missed him. Take your meds on time, there is a reason ...

RoeDapple 9 years ago

"Beans" the cat just spotted on CNN !

Whaddathinkadat dodo?

Susan Mangan 9 years ago

Maybe everyone should cut Pogo some slack. I'm guessing he landed on his stick wrong.

Danimal 9 years ago

Yeah, I'll 2nd that VOR. I love my cat, but I can see where pogo is coming from. If you have gardens and work hard to maintain them the last thing you want is a negligent owners cat using your garden as its toilet. Additionally, Beans isn't wearing his collar with his ID tags. Glad they got their cat back, and I think it's a great story, but try to keep a tighter leash (or at least the required ID) on your animal. And the rest of you need to lighten up, if this story had somehow had tragic (instead of heartwarming) results you'd all be bagging on the owners for negligence.

Mike Blur 9 years ago

Pogo, I've known Ian for 13-14 years, you hadn't heard of him until this morning. Who are you to judge someone's character whom you hadn't even met yet?

I'd invite you to join me in visiting Ian at his workplace next week, but I'm sure you're a real drag to be around.

lawthing 9 years ago

HEY whats wrong with letting cats run at large?

Without stray cats my Pit bull would be so bored....and hungry!

bigdave 9 years ago

That looks Just like a cat I hade 10-12 years ago in CA His name was Bones :) Good to see him back, but do side with Pogo, don't like them in my garden or car, boat!!!

JayCat_67 9 years ago

Pogo does make one good point. A cat running around outside is obviously more likely to get injured or killed. Experience has taught me that telling the kids that the cat was killed by a car really sucks! Plus it seems that coyotes have been getting a lot braver in urban areas. So please folks, protect your pets from cars, wild animals and misanthropes like Pogo. And once we get them all safely inside, he'll only have to worry about rabbit poop, possum poop, skunk poop, raccoon poop, coyote poop and the occasional drunken college student peeing in his yard. Seriously folks, glad you got your cat back!

mom_of_three 9 years ago

I have two cats that sometimes make an escape through the door when it is opened. They are in the yard, but no, they don't wear tags. Why, because the dog likes to chew on them, and nearly choked one to death. But they are indoor cats. So this cat got out somehow (perhaps when a neighbor was feeding the cat, since the folks were on vaca in St. Louis), and was curious about the big truck. Nice story. But not all cats will dig in the dirt or the gardens. Mine just like to stalk birds.
Pogo, what can I say, get over yourself.

lorryprior 9 years ago

I couldn't believe all the comments about Beans Story, and wanted to add my two cents. My husband also hated cats when I married him, but I fixed him. I took my cat on our honeymoon! Well, it is 54 years later and we have our seventh cat, and sixth dog. We do walk them together on leashes, and they get along a lot better then the people posting comments above.

sourpuss 9 years ago

Pogo, I get your point that pets are best kept indoors, and when outdoors, be kept under control on a lead or in a pen, but there are better ways of making your point. My own cats are strictly indoors. I've lost pets to traffic and I don't want to go through that again. However, many people do not keep their cats inside for a variety of reasons, and while one can suggest that indoor is best, that does not mean you have to be so hard on a family that is just happy to have gotten their pet back.


Spay and neuter your pets Quit smoking Thank the bus driver Eat less red meat Get a walk in now and then

It is still a cute story, and welcome back to Larryville, Beans.

persevering_gal 9 years ago

Wow! This cat got back safely to Lawrence through Continental Airlines!

That is one smart cat to get away from Lawrence during this crumby weather! I think more of us need to just hop in our cars and get the heck out of here every now and again without worrying about what types of violations our neighbors are breaking! You can learn a lot from Beans.

bigdave 9 years ago

Thank you Pywacket you could not of said it better, All the cat lovers who let there cats out all night need to come over my house and clean out the sh%# from my boat and garden!!!!!!!! I don't have pets and if I did I would not let them lose to do what they do. (my fish stay home)

RoeDapple 9 years ago

bigdave - If pore grammer wer sh%#, youd have a botelode

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