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Amtrak adds signs to depot restoration

April 4, 2009


A new platform isn’t the only upgrade that will be pulling into the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway depot in Lawrence.

New signs will be coming to the station at Seventh and New Jersey streets, sharing in $54,000 that Amtrak is making available for such work in Kansas through financing from the federal economic stimulus program.

The signs are only part of the investments being financed by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Another $9,000 will be used for agreements, design work and management of an even larger stimulus project that Amtrak announced last week: construction of a new concrete passenger platform to help the station comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, using $600,000 in stimulus money.

“We are very grateful that Amtrak has made this investment in Kansas,” said Deb Miller, Kansas secretary of transportation, in a statement. “It’s more evidence of the strong interest in revitalizing and expanding the nation’s passenger rail system.”

Overall, Amtrak plans to spend $1.04 million of stimulus money in Kansas.

Throughout Amtrak’s system, signage upgrades are expected to start Aug. 1 and be completed by February 2011. Platform upgrades throughout the system are slated to start June 1 and also be completed by February 2011.


repaste 9 years ago

How can it cost $600,000 for a platform? Talk about extortion how about making those least able to pay spend almost 10 cents per dollar on their food to the Gov.? Any other nation tax it's poorest that much?

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