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Where should Mark on the Move go next? Let us know!

It's a sport that has taken the world by storm. If you haven't heard of speed stacking - chances are your children have. Mark's on the move this week learning about a sport that is so popular - it's become a part of P.E. class at one local elementary school.

September 28, 2008


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Blogging on the Move

Cup stacking a part of P.E. class? Originally, just thought of the idea seemed ridiculous, quickly thinking back to my elementary school days and they seemed much, much different. I chalked the activity up as being one used to merely take children's minds off of school for a little while.

Au contraire mon frÃre/ma soeur : those four 3rd and 4thgraders at Perry Elementary laid down the timed mat, and speed stacking cups in front of me and that's when the sport took on a whole new dimension. The sport (and yes it is a sport, just refer to the World Speed Stacking Association website to confirm this) is a true test of touch, hand/eye coordination, quickness and friendly competition. I felt ridiculous for thinking the sport was ridiculous in the first place. The more I read into the sport, the more sense it made to integrate this into our school systems, if for nothing else,a couple of hours a week.

Perry Elementary students are treated to this change of pace three times a week and I believe may be better for it. All doubt escaped my mind when I witnessed the camaraderie the students have with each other while participating in speed stacking. I am confident their smiles will do the same for you as well.


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