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FDA issues warning on Chinese coffees, candy

September 27, 2008


— The powdered milk contamination scare that has killed four Chinese infants and sickened 53,000 more reached American shores Friday when the Food and Drug Administration recommended that consumers avoid a line of coffees and a candy made in China.

The instant coffees involved - Mr. Brown's brand - are exported to the U.S. by King Car Food Industrial Co. Ltd. and are manufactured in China by Shandong Duqing Inc. King Car is recalling the products, along with a milk tea it produces, the FDA said.

The FDA also warned consumers not to eat White Rabbit candy from China, citing in part government testing in New Zealand that found "high levels" of the industrial compound melamine. The FDA said it is not aware of any illnesses in the U.S. linked to the candy or Mr. Brown's products.

In China, powdered milk used to make baby formula was found several weeks ago to contain melamine, an ingredient that is used to make plastic and fertilizer.


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