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Boyda opposed tax bill because of deficit implications

September 26, 2008


— Rep. Nancy Boyda said Thursday that she voted against a tax relief bill heavily favored by her House colleagues because it would have increased the federal budget deficit.

"Congress cannot continue to pass trillions of dollars in debt along to future generations," she said in a statement. "We must do the hard work of finding ways to cut middle-class taxes without inflating the deficit."

The bill approved by the House adjusts the alternative minimum tax and saves more than 20 million taxpayers from a tax increase averaging about $2,000.

Republicans strongly criticized Boyda, a Democrat representing the 2nd District of eastern Kansas. Only 30 of 435 House members voted against the bill Wednesday, and no others were from Kansas.

Josh Hersh, a spokeswoman for Lynn Jenkins, the GOP candidate challenging Boyda, said the Democratic congresswoman "continues to raid the pocketbooks of middle-class families."

The National Republican Campaign Committee labeled Boyda "blatantly out of touch," and the Kansas Republican Party accused her of breaking past promises to seek tax relief for the middle class.

But Boyda noted that the bill would add nearly $65 billion to the federal budget deficit, according to congressional projections. And, she said, she's voted for similar relief, when it's balanced with ending "overseas tax loopholes" and breaks for "millionaire money managers."

"Fixing the AMT is a top priority, and every year, I vote to do so," she said. "This isn't rocket science, folks. There are many better ways to pay for middle-class tax relief than charging the cost to our children."


conservative88 9 years, 8 months ago

The problem Nancy is not just going to Washington and voting!"Fixing the AMT is a top priority, and every year, I vote to do so,"Voting does not get the job done. If she wanted to she could have propsed many amendments to balance the bill.If it is not rocket science then why did she not do any to fix it?We want a leader in congress who will propose amendments and work on legislation, not just someone who votes yea or ney, we kicked Jim Ryun out for that, and boyda is no better

BigDog 9 years, 8 months ago

So Nancy was in favor of this large tax increase on 20 million working Americans?It sounds like she is worried about increasing the country's debt (which is understandable), I hope then she also opposes the second economic stimulus package which would spend an additional $60 billion.

arieswarrior 9 years, 8 months ago

These votes by Nancy Boyda to show her own vaunted independence from the Democratic Party are becoming not only tiresome but dangerous to the real interests of the people she is supposedly attempting to serve. Now she will cost about 20 million people an average of $2,000 in tax increases just to show off her "independence." This is not independence. It is defiance -- of her own Party, and of her own constituents' needs. The person she's trying to imitate is now running, in the flesh, against her. She'd better learn why the Democrats are real champions of The People, go back to being a good one, and take the consequences politically if there are any, along with all her fellow loyal Democrats and her Party's new standard-bearer, Barack Obama. Otherwise, she should get out of the Democratic Party and call herself a disloyal Maverick -- like John McCain. Enough of this posturing. The bank bailout bill will make this tax bill's contribution to the national debt inconsequential anyway, and not have the advantage (which this tax-reform bill has) of at least getting some of this debt money to The People when they sorely need it !!

situveux1 9 years, 8 months ago

I see, so it's okay to vote to keep middle class folk's tax's high as long as it's because of the deficit. Makes perfect sense. "I'm sorry I can't do my job and keep the cost of government down, so instead I'm going to pass it on to you." Sounds about right for Boyda.

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