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Helping your baby fall asleep

September 25, 2008


Talk to any parent of a young child, and here's what you'll discover: Whether they love being a parent on any particular day is directly related to how much sleep they got the night before.

"Rock-a-Bye Baby: 200 Ways to Help Baby (and You!) Sleep Better," by Penny Warner (Chronicle Books, $12.95) isn't a highly scientific study of infant sleep. (And that's fine, because if you're not getting any sleep, you won't be able to get through a book like that anyway.) Instead, it's packed with quick-read tips and facts, most from other parents, some from doctors and other "experts." It includes the lyrics to a handful of popular lullabies (including "Brahms' Lullaby" - yes, it actually has words!), a list of things to do when you're up with a wide-awake baby and the seven signs of sleepiness. Some of the tips are obvious (don't let him nap for hours and hours if you want him to sleep at night) and some are more innovative (tape record the sound of a hair dryer and play it for him). The format makes it easily digestible for the sleep-deprived, but this isn't necessarily the Holy Grail of baby sleeping. But hey, anything's worth a try.


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