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Add computer clicking to coupon clipping

September 18, 2008


— Although we no longer trek through the jungle or cross wild plains to gather food, searching for affordable groceries can still feel like a hunt. f you know where to go online, there are loads of extra deals out there.

Visit a specific store's Web site. Almost every grocery store has its own online coupon section on their Web site.

Some sites to visit: or Both sites offer more than $80 in manufacturer coupons that can be added to your store-specific savings. While other sites like can bog you down in registration forms, pop-up ads or surveys, these sites don't require any of those time busters. They do require you to download a free printing program, though. Don't bother visiting both sites; they offer the same coupons. This site has a few extra coupons you won't find on or It also asks you to download a free printing program. The site offers the same grocery coupons, so don't waste time going to both sites.

Look for a specific brand. This method takes time, because not every brand's Web site offers coupons. To start, search for larger brands like General Mills or Pillsbury. Most personal care brands such as Dove and Neutrogena also offer coupons and free samples on their Web sites. Be prepared to fill out a registration form, though. Don't order anything online without checking couponwinner. com first. This site has more than 10,000 coupons for thousands of retailers, including Target, PetSmart and JCPenney.


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