Old Home Town – 100 years ago

From the Lawrence Daily World for Sept. 16, 1908: “From London comes the report that the spread of cholera in Russia has caused great fear of a plague on the European continent. Germany, England, France, Italy, Austria and other countries are taking rigid precautions. Bad sanitary conditions are the main cause of the problem. : The state agriculture secretary says the poultry industry in Kansas is one of the strong points for the economy and that at last reports, state hens have layed more than 73 million dozens of eggs. : Oct. 3 has been set aside by the sororities of the university as the official pledging day in accordance with the new set of Pan-Hellenic rules. The new rules are designed to cut down on the intensity of the rushing process and the heartaches it can cause. : Federal inspectors say there is no danger of quarantine of cattle in our area due to the epidemic of scab itch. Good dipping programs are the reason, they say.”