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Poet’s Showcase

September 14, 2008



By Derrick Higgins


They lie deep within one's heart,

Buried for eternity.

Some set them high, some have different standards.

Others are indecisive,

Their minds bobbing in a lake of achievement,

Their dreams coming in on high tides or low tides

On the vast, serene ocean of success.


Many pass, many never go.

Deep down, however, they are always there,

Waiting to be uncovered; there for the taking.


Many are clear, many clouded.

The prize of accomplishing these dreams

Is unfathomable.

Many think of money or fame,

Being able to live a life of many riches.

But that is not what I think of.

I picture being able to know what I think of.

I picture being able to know what I have gone through.

Just the thought of my success satisfies me.


They stay like a statue of pure gold,

Yet they are blanketed by discourage, low self-esteem, inexistent self-confidence.

They wonder if they will ever be found.


Everyone's are different, though not everyone ever treasures them

In reality, they are a precious jewel.

They cannot be bought. They cannot be stolen.

They are priceless.


They are there, there for the taking.

Take them.

Derrick Higgins is a student at Eudora Middle School.


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