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Love or hate her, Palin’s the topic of conversation

September 14, 2008


Republican vice presidential candidate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin gives a thumbs up to service members in the crowd during a rally Saturday in Anchorage, Alaska.

Republican vice presidential candidate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin gives a thumbs up to service members in the crowd during a rally Saturday in Anchorage, Alaska.

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It's happening around the coffee machine at work and the dinner table at home. Your hear it at football games, cocktail parties and on supermarket lines. It's consuming unmeasurable chunks of cyberspace.

It's the Sarah Palin Conversation, and these days it can seem to be the only one we're having - especially women, for whom it's becoming increasingly passionate and partisan. We're having this conversation whether we love her or hate her.

The right woman?

For Angela Hampton, it was the tailgate talk at last weekend's Appalachian State football game in Boone, N.C., where she and her friends munched on sides and dips and discussed John McCain's new running mate. The tone was overwhelmingly positive.

"We all decided we really like her, based on her freshness," says Hampton, a 34-year-old mother who works in the loan department of a bank. "It's what I keep hearing: She's a breath of fresh air, just what we need to shake things up." Hampton, a registered Republican, was nonetheless planning to vote Democrat this year - until she watched Palin's convention speech.

"I thought, wow," says Hampton. "I was hooked. I really think she represents the true American woman." And though her tailgating friends, more conservative than she, readily agreed, her mother does not: A staunch Democrat, she's firmly in Obama's column.

In Richmond, Va., Margaret Turman Kidd spent last weekend having The Conversation with her own visiting mother, trying to convince her that the Alaska governor is the wrong choice.

"I finally had to make myself stop talking," says Kidd, 31, who's voted both Democratic and Republican in the past. "I hope I was at least making her stop and think."

But Kidd's mother, a former Hillary Rodham Clinton supporter, likes Palin - partially, her daughter says, because of her personal qualities and also, she guesses, because she's a woman. And that's an issue that Kidd, like many women, is struggling with: Wouldn't it be thrilling to see a woman VP, no matter what her policies?

"No doubt, that's compelling," says Kidd. "But I just don't feel she's the RIGHT woman. There are other women out there who have much more experience. I try to keep an open mind, but the more that comes out, the less I like her."

Around the Net

While some women, in conversations, applaud the Republicans for nominating a woman, others call it a cynical, even insulting plug for their votes. These women agree with Gloria Steinem, the feminist icon whose recent essay, "Palin: wrong woman, wrong message," has been circulated widely via e-mail.

Also making the rounds is an e-mail from Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, telling women that "if you can only do one thing, it should be to tell every woman you meet that McCain and Palin are the most anti-choice, anti-women pair imaginable." Another, from two magazine editors in New York, is titled "Fury, Dread, Palin" and invites women to a blog, "Women Against Sarah Palin."

Then there's the endless chatter on message boards everywhere. "OK, who's interested in joining me for an online mom campaign against Palin?" reads a post this week on "What makes Obama more qualified than Sarah Palin?" reads another.

For devotees of Facebook, the social networking site, there are hundreds of groups to join, both for and against Palin: "Governor Sarah Palin for VP Fans." "Sarah Palin is Awesome." "I Have More Foreign Policy Experience Than Sarah Palin." "My Pet Rock is More Qualified Than Sarah Palin to Be Vice President."

Nancy Connors, a lifelong Democrat from Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y., is amazed by all the back-and-forth. "The e-mail traffic from women is astounding," she says. "I must get five or six a day, some from women I don't even know." A former Clinton supporter, she says she's deeply concerned by what she sees as Palin's "nonexistent qualifications."

"We'd be the laughingstock of the world," says Connors. "Can you imagine her trying to negotiate with Putin?" Yet the 56-year-old consultant avoids workplace conversations, feeling they're inappropriate. Instead, she plans to work phone banks for Obama.

Palin in the polls

Polls suggest he could use the help, especially in the crucial voting bloc of white women. An Associated Press-GfK poll released Friday found Obama leading women overall by 5 points, but McCain leading by 12 points among white women. Asked which candidate "cares a lot about people like you," white women chose McCain first (47 percent), then Palin (45 percent), then Obama (38 percent).

And Palin ranked higher, at 42 percent, than either McCain or Obama when white women were asked which candidate shares their values and principles "a lot." The poll of likely voters was conducted Sept. 5-10.

"She's definitely energized the election, no matter what your leaning is," says Sue Wagner, a mother of four in University Park, Md. Wagner, 41, doesn't work outside the home, but encounters plenty of Sarah Palin conversations nonetheless - often between mothers at school drop-off time, or at the playground. "There's a debate going on, but it's pretty friendly," she says.

Wagner decided long ago that she was voting for Obama. But her friend Katy Huggins isn't so sure anymore. Huggins, also a mother of four, admires Obama, and though she's a registered Republican, she'd been planning to vote for the Democrat.

Then she watched Palin's convention speech.

"I was like, wow, I want YOU to be president!" says Huggins, who adds that she isn't much of a McCain fan. "I could completely relate to her on a lot of levels, especially as a mom. That's what my world is about now." Since then, Huggins has engaged in the Palin conversation with friends, fellow moms, even teachers at school, many of whom start by asking, "Hey, what do you think about that lady?"

Huggins is still undecided. But she says one thing is clear: "Every person I have spoken to is intrigued. Democrats, Republicans, everyone. They're all fascinated with her."


repaste 7 years ago

Whats up with 5 colleges in 4 years? 2 in Hawaii? I think most like her, most also are terrified of her as president. Maybe our presidents are just figureheads now,

George_Braziller 7 years ago

I can't stand McCain but I'm not sold on Obama either. I'm a life long Democrat who grew up in a totally Republican family. I have voted in every local, state, and national primary and general election since I was 18. This may be the first time in 30 years where I don't vote at all.

ASBESTOS 7 years ago

"asbestos, any idiot can post links to youtube. problem is any idiot can upload to youtube. meaning any idiot who thinks youtube is valid source for anything is an idiot. where do you fit in this scenario?"Very good Beo, that was precisely why I posted them and so many. BOZO was using them as a relevant "source".Congrats, you are tonight's recipient of:Mr. Obvious Awardor"How Beo got the joke that everybody else had already got.Funny that those that fancy themselves so called intellectually enlightened, simply show they have the slowest intellect in the city.

kansas778 7 years ago

beo, how much intelligence does it take to substitute name calling for an argument?

supertrampofkansas 7 years ago

"The issues are what matters and Palin's speech and interview shed light on her willful ignorance of important topics."Yeah but hey she's a REPUBLICAN woman who has stolen the spotlight, so who the heck cares about the issues dude. Don't you know that qualifications don't matter here. I mean after all it is just the Vice President of the US. McCain chose her because she's woman which means that all women will vote for her. Brilliant!I just can't wait to see wait the potential Vice President of the United States will say next:"I can see Russia from my house!"

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 7 years ago

Tom: "I think ignorance would be more befitting a word to those calling the ones that protect your right to spew your anti-American bile, warmongers."What?It took several passes, but I think I've finally parsed that string, above.Tom, you can always tell genuine "anti-American bile," as it typicallyself-identifies itself with that very, embedded string. You seem to be in need of a broader concept of "American"... peacemonger

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

"Oprah refuses to have Palin on her show at all."Up is extraordinarily down for you today, mike.

ASBESTOS 7 years ago

LOL!!!And as long as everybody is talking about her, nobody is talking about Obama! This is just TOOOOO GOOODDD!For all those that think she is not a good VP pick and is not "experienced enough", just look at what has happened since her nomination. The press cannot stop talking about her, and as long as they do, Obama cannot get any traction. He has no issues other than the "Change" mantra which is yet undefined (thank you MSM media for asking the man about his stands on issues, that really cleared it up). ANd when he does get "news" it is about "lipstick on a pig", not flattering, and agains it involves Palin, even there was no intention on Obama's part for the quote, and Palin did nothing as well, it was the Media.As far as the "hit piece" the NYTImes did and BOZO posted here, that story is being debunked as we speak. Those kind of unsubstanciated rumors stated as "fact" show just what the media have become.

JohnBrown 7 years ago

The last thing the McCain campaign wants to talk about are the issues.For example:The conservatives have created $5 Trillion in debt in the past 7 years. All the previous administrations, going back to George Washington, had created only $4 trillion in debt. So here we are now with $9 trillion in debt, and STILL pushing for tax "relief" for the top 5%.* REPUBLICAN'T: the party that can't govern, can't balance a budget, can't regulate banks and lending, can't clean up after a hurricane, can't follow the Constitution, can't win a war, can't figure out who the real enemy is, can't keep their promises, can't tell the truth, can't protect us from terrorists, can't keep our military strong and "ready", can't supply our military with the stuff they need, can't take care of our vets, and can't figure out we need to get off oil.--Pay no attention to that [old] man behind the curtain.

RedwoodCoast 7 years ago

Bea: you beat me to that one. I can't believe people are actually thinking that way. So she could say she wants to allow Alaska to secede as VP, but the fact that she is a woman is the most important factor in voting for her? This is a case in which I wish I could slap some sense into my fellow Americans. They are former Clinton fans who resent the Obama/Biden ticket. It just seems almost spiteful to me.

Corey Williams 7 years ago

"I think ignorance would be more befitting a word to those calling the ones that protect your right to spew your anti-American bile, warmongers."I would like to say that Tom is an intelligent person, but obviously not when he posts something like this. Questioning anyone's patriotism is the epitome of being anti-American. I mean, neither McCain nor Palin wore flag lapel pins at the RNC, does that mean it's okay to question their love of country? And I just need to know one thing, when was the last war America fought where the soldiers were actually fighting to preserve our rights? What rights of ours are the soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan fighting for?Maybe you shouldn't drink so early (or late) on Sundays.

ASBESTOS 7 years ago

As Reagan said:"Well, there you go again."Don't take too much from the "youtube" link provided by BOZO, because BOZO does not do any research. The Focus group was from September 1, 008. remember that Gustav was coming ashore, and Palin was to speak the following night.Yes, theis video mislead by BOZO (I should say attempt) he knew full well this was before her speech, and the Dials, and Focus Groups since the speech at the GOP COnvention have all been in favor.Look at the polls, all favor Palin even over Obama.Day late and a dollar short BOZO.You co share the "Captian Obvious" award with Beo!

swineprincess 7 years ago

@ just another bozogreat article and one that if you aren't concerned before you read it you should be afterward ... can anyone imagine if our Governor appointing a friend to the top spot in the Department of Agriculture because as a child she loved cows? Don't blink folks, if McCain wins Palin is one heartbeat away from the Presidency.

RedwoodCoast 7 years ago

McCain keeps bashing Obama for his 'celebrity' status. Palin is the antithesis of that, right?

ASBESTOS 7 years ago

Thanks! Any Democrat staying home is a vote for McCain!

ASBESTOS 7 years ago

The Daily SHow and it's out of context editing for entertainment at the expense of the truth is your "source".Bozo, I hate to tell you but John Daily is a comedian, he is not a news man and he can take creative "license" with things to make them bfunny, but it is not the truth, nor is it news. What a loser you are.As for your youtube address of Palin to the AIP, she did that for the DNC and the GOP conventions too.These are the activities that the left has initiated, and people are wised up to this crapola.If that is your argument against Sarah Palin, I can post Youtube videos too.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

"As far as the "hit piece" the NYTImes did and BOZO posted here, that story is being debunked as we speak. "Translation-- the rightwing wackosphere is going apoplectic that someone might dare take Goldilocks slippers away. (I think she qualifies as an honorary blonde, don't you?)

slang4d 7 years ago

Wow Tom, feeling a little angry today? Since when is it anti-American to want to see this country live up to it's promises? You and I clearly disagree on how to get there and that's the beauty of this country, we can disagree and discuss it. Lay off the name-calling and tell us what you really think.

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 7 years ago

"I thought, wow," says Hampton. "I was hooked. I really think she represents the true American woman."( Sad commentary, regarding the "true" American woman )... and, were she to ascend to that highest of offices, she would embarrass those "true" American women presently so "wowed" by her, to a degree which might even rival the embarrassment which the current "occupant" has been. "I know Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton was a friend of ours, and you, Governor, are no Hillary Clinton." America... preoccupied with fluff.

slang4d 7 years ago

XD40: If we're going to discuss the poor judgment displayed by Obama in his Rezko dealings, we should talk about the Keating Five as well. I'm willing to say both Obama and McCain have made very stupid, but very human mistakes. McCain and Obama also have ties to if we're talking about the potential for corruption, I'd be worried about both of them.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

I love it.Once Palin is dropped from the ticket, McCain will need a replacement. Here's a woman who's truly endowed to be VP.

Chris Ogle 7 years ago

At the very least, Palin created "a desire to know more about our future leaders" That can't be all bad.

beatrice 7 years ago

"Wouldn't it be thrilling to see a woman VP, no matter what her policies?" Please let us not be this shallow of a nation. If anyone supports the Republicans, I would hope it is because of their views on the economy, the war in Iraq, on energy, on the national debt and deficit -- not on the fact that Palin is a woman. I can think of nothing more sexist. We have seen where we go with the Republicans in charge. With McCain, who voted with Bush 90% of the time, it will be more of the same. McCain called for the U.S. to attack Iraq within weeks of 9/11, even before Bush.McCain blamed Iraq for the homegrown anthrax scare, and used it as a reason to support attacking Iraq.McCain wants to "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran." Palin sees war with Russia as an option, she still thinks our war in Iraq is fighting the people who attacked us on 9/11, she sought more porkbarrel earmark money per capita than any other governor and took the money for the bridge to nowhere. She is currently under investigation for abuse of power.As mayor of Wasilla, Palin raised taxes to build a hockey rink and left the town with a $20 million dept -- and she did all of this despite the fact that she gets a period. Those are failed policies, and not at all "thrilling." Personally, I don't think more of the same would be at all "thrilling."

janeyb 7 years ago

Speaking of women, where has Michelle Obama gone? Does her husband's campaign still have her under house arrest? She couldn't even join her husband at Ground Zero. Isn't the campaign taking the stay home and "be the Jackie Kennedy dutiful mother thing" a little too far? Or is there trouble in the Obama household?

BuffyloGal 7 years ago

"Bozo, I hate to tell you but John Daily is a comedian, he is not a news man and he can take creative "license" with things to make them bfunny, but it is not the truth, nor is it news" ____John Daily? I can see you're a big fan of the show since you don't even know the host's name.Yes The Daily Show is for entertainment, and Stewart will often have to make a face at the camera to show when he is joking. You see, he also has to say, "this is true" because reality, like Rove's two-faced assessments of VP candidates, is so shockingly true they can't make that kind of stuff up. Britt Hume says it with a straight face.It is news. It is usually funny. And it is true. Perhaps you prefer truthiness?

kansas778 7 years ago

Remember the days after she was nominated, just about every liberal poster on this forum was declaring an easy victory for Obama. Now that McCain has the lead, I guess they were wrong. Six weeks to go, then four more years of the left foaming at the mouth.

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 7 years ago

Tom: "Wanna see ignorancestand in front of a mirror."But, Tom, our mirrors are different from yours.What we see in our mirrors is different from what you see in yours.I know, it's kinda abstract....

swineprincess 7 years ago

need info about Alaska politics? Alaska Governors or Alaska Mayors? I found the day Sarah Palin was nominated because I wanted to know who the heck this stranger was. I found out reading mudflats... the good the bad and the ugly. I am now officially more afraid of this woman than i was of Dan Quayle. Quayle couldn't spell. Palin doesn't know that being able to see Big Diomede Island from Little Diomede Island doesn't mean she has foreign policy expertise. (See for a map showing where the Island are... or maybe Google Earth the distance from Wasilla to Moscow and say Boston to Moscow...) Think people. Don't just buy in to this woman.

Zype 7 years ago

"Don't take too much from the "youtube" link provided by BOZO, because BOZO does not do any research."Anybody who just accepts what others say rather than doing their own research into it is a moron.If you truly cared about people being educated in what's going on and actually believed that just_another_bozo_on_this_bus's video links were worthless arguments, you would want others to see the video links s/he posted.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years ago

"I could completely relate to her on a lot of levels, especially as a mom. That's what my world is about now."I wonder if this woman could identify for the rest of us exactly which "mom-based" policies she would expect from Palin.

slang4d 7 years ago

"What was the nature of Obambi's relationship with that Saudi financier; terrorist William Ayers; felon Tony Rezko; racist Jeremiah Wright; Louis Farakahn; etc.?"On Wright and Ayers:

slang4d 7 years ago

"WOW!! This is a shocker that Gloria Steinem disapproves of a Republican woman in power. Hypocrisy enough for the entire galaxy."Yeah, just because she has boobs us women should support and vote for her. The issues are what matters and Palin's speech and interview shed light on her willful ignorance of important topics. "Now that McCain has the lead, I guess they were wrong....four more years of the left foaming at the mouth." I wouldn't suggest throwing a victory party until mid-October. Four more years of misery for everyone, (including right-wingers) is more like it. Perhaps ten more after that depending on how deep of a hole we wind up in. "Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said the country can't afford $3.3 trillion of tax cuts proposed by Republican presidential nominee John McCain without corresponding spending reductions.Greenspan, a lifelong Republican and longtime friend of McCain, said today on Bloomberg Television's ``Political Capital With Al Hunt'' that 'I'm not in favor of financing tax cuts with borrowed money.'"

George_Braziller 7 years ago

Thank you for making sure that I DO vote. Just to not look at another picture of Susan Palin is enough for me. Mr. Monkey Face with the brain of a bourbon bottle who is supposedly running things makes me barf the way it its.--------------------------------------------------------------------ASBESTOS (Anonymous) says: Thanks! Any Democrat staying home is a vote for McCain!

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