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Go light with backpacking foods

September 7, 2008


The type and amount of food to take on a backpacking trip can prove a difficult decision.

What you decide to pack with you may come down to one important factor: weight.

Some cold foods might be fine for the first day out, but after that you might have to go with consumables that can last for days, if necessary. Canned goods are safe but can add weight to a backpack.

A variety of relatively lightweight staples that do not require refrigeration or careful packaging, however, could be the best choice. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends the following:

¢ Peanut butter in plastic jars

¢ Concentrated juice boxes and powdered milk

¢ Canned tuna, ham, chicken and beef

¢ Dried noodles and soups

¢ Beef jerky and other dried meats

¢ Dehydrated foods

¢ Dried fruits and nuts

In addition, powdered mixes for biscuits or pancakes and dried pasta don't add significantly to a backpackers load, and are easy prepare at an overnight campsite. But when it comes to packing mixes and pasta, use plastic bags to store them, and consider carefully the amount you'll need for the duration of your backpacking trip.


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